If you want to buy a fake Illinois ID or driver’s license, you might come across the 21done.ph website. This company allegedly creates documents of the highest quality, accepts group orders and has a very high rating. Yet in fact, you might want to stay away from this site because it’s a scam. First, you’ll need to guess how to access this website because the standard https connection might fail and you might face a permanent error. When you finally manage to sign up, you risk losing your time, nerves and money. Read this review till the end to get to know why you should avoid 21done.ph.

What Is 21done.ph and What Does It Offer?

As its name suggests, this website can help anyone look as if he or she is 21 years old. This service comes in particularly handy for high school students who want to pass the age control at a bar or nightclub.

The administration claims that all their fake documents are 100% domestic and handmade. On the main page of this website, you’ll see many photos of fake identity cards with Che Guevara’s photos.

How to Access the Site

If you type “21done.ph” in your browser address bar, you’ll most likely fail to access the website. To check your shopping options, you need to get here: https://21done.ph/product/nil/. Let’s call it the “Nil section”.

If you use the Tor browser, it might take it too long to establish a connection with the site. It would say that the waiting time for a response from the server has expired.

This is the report that Tor might show to you: “The site may be temporarily unavailable. Wait for a while and try again. Check your Internet connection settings. Make sure that Tor browser is allowed to access the Internet”.

If you try Chrome, there would be an error saying that there is too much traffic. Allegedly, too many users are currently trying to access the site. It doesn’t matter whether you type “https” manually in the address bar or not. Chrome might show you the following report: “Your access to this service has been limited by the site owner. (HTTP response code 503)”. The site will ask you to wait for 12 hours and repeat your request — or get in touch with the owner whose username is wickr21done.

You’ll see that 21done.ph is protected by the Wordfence security plugin that is installed on over 4 million WordPress sites. The system will report: “If you have administrative privileges on this website, please enter your email in the box below and click “Send”. You will receive an email that helps you regain access”. Plus, you’ll see a notification: “Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons”. Many honest online shops rely on WordPress — and they indeed might fail to cope with huge traffic.

You might be impressed by how seriously this site treats its security. But in fact, the error has nothing to do with traffic. This website is not extremely popular. The owner might try to hide it for two reasons. First, they don’t want the police to find it. Second, they might resort to artificially generated traffic to convince potential clients that the demand for their services is enormous.

What Will Happen If You Try to Find the 21done.ph Link Through a Search Engine?

Some users try to type the name of this website into a search engine to get an https or an onion link. Depending on how you formulate your request and which engine you use, you might see the links to the following sections of the website.

  • Contact
  • Pricing
  • Weekly Batch System
  • New Illinois Driver’s License
  • Payments
  • FAQ

When you try to click on a link to proceed to the Nil section (or any other one), you’ll face the same mistakes as described above.

If you look for an onion address instead of an https one, you will probably fail to find anything. Or, at least, you will fail to find the onion link to that Nil section in the first ten minutes. You might dig deeper and check dozens of dark web sites that might hide valid links. But there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

So How Can You Access 21done.ph?

On third-party websites, you might find tips on how to access 21done.ph. Most likely, these would be onion domains and not https ones. They might contain instructions that would ask you to do something like “press J, then nil, then press question mark and so on”.

But there might be an easier way to save you. Try to establish a VPN connection and experiment with your locations. It should be enough to hide your real whereabouts and change your IP to open the “Nil section” of this online store. You should be able to open the https version of 21done.ph in Chrome or another browser.

How to Place an Order

Since this website specializes only in Illinois IDs, the process of purchase might differ from most other sites that offer fake IDs. To submit an order, you need just two things: your ID number and your last name. Here is the list of steps that you need to follow.

  1. Find the form with the blue background on the site and type the word “fake” as the password there.
  2. Insert your personal data and upload a picture.
  3. Write down the ID number and last name shown on the confirmation page after clicking Submit.
  4. Type your ID number and last name in the fields at the top of the page after checking the confirmation checkbox.
  5. If you need not one but multiple IDs, click “2nd”, “3rd”, “4th” and so on.
  6. If you want to resubmit the same ID or order another one, click for a new form at the bottom of the confirmation page.
  7. Feel free to repeat the process for up to 30 IDs.
  8. Create an account on the site and check under the My Orders sections to view your order.

To check out, you should either top up your wallet or use BTC.

Can I Have Free Samples?

The sample is not 100% free because you’ll need to pay an added $5 shipping and handling fee. But you won’t need to pay for its production. It will include all security features and will be a fine replica of your ID.

What Will You Get

The provider promises to create top-end fake documents for you that will look precisely like their legit counterparts. They will allegedly have all the latest security features, including the hologram. The barcode will be a fine replica of a real one.

The document will be laser perforated. When you hold it up to the sky or place a flashlight behind it, you’ll see the outline of the state of Illinois. The card will successfully pass any type of test, be it scan, bend or UV.


The more IDs you order, the cheaper they are. To save funds, you might want to order 20 or more cards because they will cost $40 each. If you buy just 1, it will cost $100. You’ll get an automatically generated custom signature and custom address for free.

Here is another important money saving trick. If you order a duplicate ID at the time of purchase, it will cost you $24. If you order it later, it will cost $30.

Payment Options

When paying for your order, you’ll be able to choose from around 30 cryptocurrencies. You’ll be able to use CashApp, WU/MG, Venmo or Cash in the Mail. But you should realize that you might get nothing in exchange for your money!

Shipping Terms

21done.ph promises to pull the batches and combine them with all pending orders to ship from Tuesday to Thursday. Tracking should be available by Friday. They rely only on USPS.

Thanks to the fact that the IDs are produced in the US, you can get them in less than a week. If you choose Priority or Express Mail, you can receive them within 24 hours of the payment being made.

That might seem a superb option for those who want to save time. But you can’t save money this way because express shipping might cost you up to $100. And you can never be sure whether you’ll receive your order at all.

How to Contact the Owner of the Site

In the Contact section, you can create a ticket through the secure Wickr system. You should address your messages to wickr21done nickname. The owner of some other representative of the site will reply to you within 24 hours. Wickr chat is available during evening hours — but you can leave a ticket at any time of the day.

Besides, the administration of the website will recommend you to create a Proton Mail free account. This security measure enables you to keep your communication with the fake IDs vendor away from your default email.

The owner doesn’t disclose the postal address or phone number of the company. Obviously, they don’t want the police to knock on their door.

Judging by the Contact section, you might think that 21done.ph is a legit website. Or, to be precise, a site that produces fake documents of high quality (because any business of this type is illegal). Unfortunately, that would be a wrong impression.

What Makes 21done.ph Look So Credible?

Compared to other websites from this sphere, 21done.ph looks rather credible and professional. Below, we’ll analyze the main factors that help it to deceive potential customers.

The Site Is Regularly Updated

At the moment of writing this article, the site warned its visitors about some major changes related to the way it handles production, mainly shipping. You would see this post as soon as you opened the site.

Below this text, users could see the countdown infographics for the time left until the implementation of the new policies. At first sight, that might have looked very professional. But what if it was just a bait that urged customers to place their orders immediately?…

Detailed Instructions on Taking Photos

One section of the website contains a comprehensive guide on taking top-notch pictures. These are just a few tips that you can find there.

  • No shadows on your face (and no ear shadows)
  • No selfies
  • Keep your hair short on top
  • Dont smile
  • Distance from the camera
  • And so on

It might seem that the administration of the website indeed takes care of its clients. Alas, that’s just an illusion.

What Will Happen If You Order a Fake ID on 21done.ph?

Let’s imagine that you have bypassed all the obstacles and managed to access this website. You have placed an order and paid for it. Then, there are two possible outcomes.

  • You might fail to receive your order at all. Your money will go down the drain. If you try to contact the support service, you’ll get no reply.
  • You’ll get your order but its quality will be substandard. The document won’t pass any scan and you’ll hardly be able to use it.

The conclusions are rather obvious. Dont use 21done.ph for counterfeit ID online shopping. Dont transfer a single cent to this dubious web project.

People’s Reviews About 21done.ph

To get to know the truth about 21done.ph, you should check any impartial online rating. Visit one of those websites where users can leave an unbiased review or report on an online business (and the owner of this business won’t be able to hide any data to improve their rating). There, you’ll find very polarized comments about 21done.ph.

Some customers report that they have received their IDs, with all the security features and correct data. They praise the quality of both the documents and service. They would say “Thank you, very much appreciated! This online store is head and shoulders above the rest! I give it the highest rating and save it to bookmarks!”.

Negative comments are usually more straightforward and their authors can’t stay calm: “Fuck! A friend recommended me to jump at the opportunity and order fake IDs on 21done.ph. I wish I never did it! I got an ID with wrong data and no security features”. Or, another record: “Beware of these scammers! If only I could report them to the police! I doubt that any of the positive comments about them are real”.

Plus, there are many more posts and comments by people who discarded the purchase because they failed to access the site. As you might have already figured out, the poor online connection is not the main problem of 21done.ph…

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this 21done.ph review came in handy. Now, you should know that it’s one of those scam sites that might seem normal for new users. First, you’ll have a lot of trouble trying to access its “Nil section” in either the https or onion version. The administration tries to create hype thanks to artificially generated traffic. Then, you place your order and lose your money forever. If you’re one of the few lucky clients who receive their IDs, your documents will be of extremely poor quality. To save time and nerves, you should search for more reliable fake ID shopping websites.


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