21overnight.com review.

We have decided to review the growing popular 21 Overnight dotcom, because this resource has begun earning trust out of nothing. A year ago, nobody has even heard about this resource, but today there are many comments (fake, perhaps?) referring to 21 Overnight and its articles about buying the fake IDs. Quick overlook has given us enough information to say that most of the articles posted on 21 Overnight are very subjective, biased and apparently promotional. The resource advertises several websites selling fake IDs, primarily the well-known CH Fake, a Chinese website with a huge share of the poor to average quality fake ID market.

We examined the website located at 21 Overnight dotcom and analyzed the outcome to provide you with an unbiased, objective and rather critical review of its information and services. Since the website doesn’t offer any services (except for advertising the services of other websites), we haven’t ordered anything from 21 Overnight, against our tradition to place orders and see, if their fake IDs are as good as they tell. Nevertheless, we have discovered a lot of interesting information during our analysis, and we are eager to share it with you.

The 21 Overnight website looks poor from the start. I think, we haven’t seen such an outdated, primitive and unattractive site for at least ten years. It is so 90ish: people who have designed it have never heard about adaptive design, CSS, or even WordPress. How can anyone trust a website designed like 21 Overnight? Perhaps, no one really does. The resource is basically a collection of poorly categorized advertising articles, written with just one intention: make you buy a fake ID from CH Fake. The first statement that they make is about the “trusted fake id source” — trusted by whom? The link expectedly leads to CH Fake, a Chinese website that we have reviewed earlier, with unsatisfyingly low quality of its IDs and unacceptably long shipping.

The next statement made on 21 Overnight is that you shouldn’t trust American websites, selling fake IDs, calling all of them scams and fakes. Obviously, that is because their sponsoring site CH Fake is from China. These days, everyone who has ordered anything from China, knows that this region is full of scammers, who just have nothing to lose. Thousands of Chinese websites appear and disappear every day, offering you everything from a fake ID to a space shuttle. Does that mean we have to trust them? Hell no. While there are certainly many very respectable companies there in China, there are even more hackers, scammers and other fraudsters, who see American people as big trustful wallets they can steal from.

What services does 21 Overnight actually provide? Nothing but a load of biased, incorrect or obvious information abundantly mixed with undisguised advertising. It is funny to read their Fake ID glossary — apparently made up just for google bots. According to them, “a smart-chip is an encoded smart-chip embedded into your fake id card”. They also mention Novelty IDs, just because they work for a seller of those. It is an absolute bullshit that Novelty IDs are anything better than classic fake IDs, identical to state’s driver license. The trick is that the fake IDs the site advertises are lame and low-quality ones. They are unable to reproduce a reliable, trustworthy fake ID, so they have to bitch around and advertise some novelty IDs that are not recognized by any officials, anyway.

Some of the advices given by 21 Overnight are good, but most of them are fake, stupid and just untrue. However, it isn’t the worst thing. According to our research, the domain 21overnight.com was registered in 2003 and belongs to HiddenName. That was confirmed by the registrar Joker.com. The sites Underground-review.com and CHFake.com, as well as some others, mentioned around and cross-linked, belong to the same owner. They just keep praising each other, in the same terms and in the same style.

Thus, after a deep investigation, we see 21 Overnight as a commercial advertising website, and the companies using such covert methods of advertising cannot be trusted. Though there is some curious information posted on 21 Overnight, the largest part of the website is nothing more than a deliberately distorted information, intended to make you buy from Chinese fake ID sites. Would you buy from the one who tries to cheat you?


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