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Reviewing the Safety of BogusBraxtor for Your Fake ID Needs

People look into buying fake IDs for a lot of reasons. Whatever these may be, it is important that at the end of the day, they don’t find themselves behind bars or in any other serious trouble for using one. So how do we go about finding a reliable fake ID provider that will not only be able to create an ID to trick the authorities but also have it delivered to your doorstep?

In this article, we will break down why BogusBraxtor is the perfect choice for getting flawless fake IDs. So, get your best pictures out, and let’s get started! 


It can be challenging to identify places that sell false identification documents of a high grade. Even if you don’t intend to use your fake ID, it is critical to acquire it from reliable sources in nations like the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom because it is possible to face criminal charges for being found in possession of a fake ID.  If you need a fake ID that can get past even the most seasoned professionals, look no further than Bogus Braxtor.

Because they are known to keep up with the most recent changes made by the licensing regulatory organizations of the nations listed, they can provide you with the most recent card design. This is a one-stop solution for all your driving document needs, whether you require a fake driver’s license, a commercial driver’s license, a vertical, a provisional, or just a learner’s permit.

Because the logo insertions and watermarking done by the manufacturers are so accurate, even the most experienced bouncers won’t refuse you access or a drink even if you try to pass off a fake ID. The best part about using Bogusbraxtor is that you can get your ID in as little as two to three weeks after placing your order. 

They work quickly to prepare it, and for an additional 25 dollars, you can pay for an expedited shipping option that will deliver it to you even more quickly. Because the purchases are typically transported in bulk, it is impossible to promise a precise delivery date; however, you can be sure that you will be kept up to date on the process.

User-Friendly Design 

Compared to the other websites that offer the same or similar services, BogusBraxtor uses a very user-friendly design. The website is easy to navigate, and you will find everything you need at a single glance. The main page contains options for the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Along with these, you’ll find a catalog for fake IDs, a contact section, your cart, and FAQs. 

In the catalog, users can sort the products based on their requirements, popularity, release date, and price. The FAQ page is packed with additional information, including price, payment options, a guide to taking pictures that will get approved, gift cards, and much more. 

The one odd aspect of the website is that the ‘contact’ and ‘help’ options both take the users to the same page. This page is dedicated to providing contact information for Bogusbraxtor and their email address, and it sets out the fact that they will typically respond within six hours. Please note that any message you send needs to contain the order number, or the team won’t be able to help. 

The login option will lead the user to the registration/ login page. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to do so here, as your information will help both parties stay accountable. 

Is the Site Registered and Reliable? 

BogusBraxtor is a reliable platform to buy fake IDs. It is registered under the domain bogusbraxtor.com; under the level domain bogusbraxtor, it was created on 25th November 2019. The name servers for the site are registered with fay.ns.cloudflare.com. 

The registrar responsible for their contract is whoisprotection.cc, and their server ID is whois.webnic.cc. Though the registrar’s organization is located in Malaysia, Bogusbraxtor is geolocated with a US country code and a San Francisco address. However, it is not registered under any country as the registered country information has no information. 

What Do Customers Say?  

During the course of our investigation into the website, we observed the acceptance of cryptocurrency and payments through Western Union. When it comes to matters of this nature, the importance of maintaining confidentiality and guarding one’s identity cannot be overstated.

With Western Union, the only information that is required is the recipient’s name and the country in which they will collect the money. This identifying information, including the person’s name and nationality, will be a part of the BogusBraxtor order. In the section labeled “payment confirmation,” you will be asked to provide the tracking number, which will be located on the Western Union receipt. After BogusBraxtor has received it, you can expect to get an email from them informing you of this fact.

In the case of cryptocurrencies, since the money is tied up in blockchain addresses, the client’s efforts in obfuscating identities are always successful. Since crypto is decentralized, it has been used across the dark web and for illegal transactions since the dawn of its existence. Additionally, the process of using it is very simple, even for first-time users. BogusBraxtor sends out a QR code for the client to scan, and the crypto app does everything else. All you have to do is authorize the payments. 

If you haven’t used Bitcoin to make payments before, the FAQ section of BogusBraxtor has detailed instructions. This process is better than Western Union, according to the reviews, as it requires no paperwork whatsoever! 

  1. First, you will need to download the LibertyX app and install it on your mobile device. 
  2. Sign up with the application to use its services.
  3. Next, you will be asked to buy Bitcoin in order to top up your account. Now, the easiest way to do this is to locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM and deposit cash using any of the methods available.
  4. Once the application has been loaded with the desired amount of Bitcoin or more, proceed to buy your fake ID in a secure and untraceable manner. 

All That Glitters Is Not Gold 

Recently, allegations have been circulating in their subreddit regarding the site being taken down, a claim that they no longer scan, and that they were busted for their illegal activity. However, we must remember to take everything we read on the internet with a pinch of salt and verify the information through our own investigation of the subject matter.

After much research and digging around, it turns out that there is another BogusBraxtor site with a .ph domain. This site doesn’t scan, so if you want your ID to be scanned, steer clear of this site. 

User @Broiledboatmanship confirmed that the site wasn’t busted, but their ID database was audited. What happened after the audit remains a mystery, but the site continues to function, as the user @hunterparker12345678 pointed out. Despite all this, the reviews about the website remain mixed. 

Some customers are extremely happy with what they received, like user @mushroominhere, who says they got their IDs right before their high school graduation, and they could go out and celebrate this momentous occasion without hassle. They did this at discounted rates as they ordered in bulk, saving them a ton of money. 

On the other hand, some users like @buttabaigan mentioned how the ID worked in gas stations but failed the test of a security check at certain checkpoints. Some users claim that the quality of the ID doesn’t stand the test of a greasy finger or that the photos look clearly fake. 

In response to this, Bogusbraxtor has put up a guide to ensure that the images users send in are ID worthy, which means you can’t smile, can’t have a colorful background, and can’t have an object in the background. Take a look at your government-issued IDs; you might look like a runaway hippie, but it looks authentic that way. 

Wrapping Up 

That is all we have to say about BogusBraxtor. In general, the site is simple to navigate and offers a great deal of assistance to customers who are using it for the first time. So, what are your thoughts up to this point? Have you yet used any of their services? How would you describe the events that transpired? Spend a little bit of time informing everyone else in the comment area. This will provide the community with a better understanding of what they can expect.

Tell everyone else in this community about any unfavorable experiences you’ve had in the comment box, such as if there was a lack of contact or if your products were never delivered. The idea is to ensure no one goes into this blindsided. Stay anonymous and out of harm’s way until the next review!


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