Today we are talking about fake IDs and where it is best to buy them online. The Internet is full of fake id makers, but only a few of them are trustworthy. We came across customer reviews that people were tricked into buying Fake ID cards, and we decided to look through most websites that sell fakes. There are a lot of scammers who want to deceive you and take your money. You need to be prepared to distinguish the real ones from the fraud. We don’t wish to needy students and minors to throw away their money, but have fun at all-night parties! Two months ago, while we were looking for the website to buy a fake id card, we came across https://budgetfakes.com. So, we decided to learn it from the inside and find out more.

The Budget Fakes name says that their fake documents are affordable for any budget. Let’s have a look at their website design. The site has a black/yellow background that easily attracts attention. There is a lot of information on the first page that you don’t understand where you need to watch first. The navigation is also not so good as there are many tabs. Ok, guys, I will give you a clue – go to Budget IDs tab to find a range of available products. The Budget IDs tab contains offers with a full description, price and pictures of documents. The state range includes:

  • Texas driver’s license with security features like scans, UV/OVI, perfs, magstrip at $40, 
  • Georgia driver’s license with scans, UV/OVI (light and bigger) at $40 as well,
  • Mexico documents with no security features at $20,
  • Bikini Bottom driver license with no security features at $20,
  • New Ireleans driver’s license with no security features at $20 as well, 
  • Puerto Rico identity card without security features at $20.

I can say that the prices are cheap here, compared to other fake ID providers. The seller also promises that all budget states come with a duplicate and standard shipping. To protect themselves, they have warned their customers: “ATTENTION: WE only make id’s for Novelty use, do not use them to break any Laws, even small ones. We will not allow anyone to pick your license number as there is no legal reason why you would need that.” 

However, we all understand that everyone is about to use a fake ID for so-called “personal” purposes.

The acceptable payment method is Bitcoin. In case you are out of btc, go to any exchange, for example, localbitcoin.net to get some crypto out there. 

The domain name Budgetfakes.com was created in June 2018. This website has been around one and a half years. It is not a beginner that is good. There should be some reviews on the independent private forums from customers for sure. The country where this domain was registered in the USA. 

We decided to check the customer reviews of https://budgetfakes.com on private forums to assure that it is not a scam. People usually leave negative feedback somewhere to warn others about mistakes. That is why we came to one of them. Well, we were a little shocked with contradictory reviewers that we found over there. Some described this website as a good web service with affordable price and decent quality cards, others told terrible stories about months-long delivery and the low quality of cards. Can’t imagine how people have such different opinions about one service but, anyway, they DO. For example, the group of girls made the order with 5 cards a total. When they received the box in 3 weeks, they couldn’t understand which one was for each girl. All the ID cards were with blurred names and pictures. How would they use it later if they even couldn’t get simple information from the first sight? Another boy, who was 16, ordered a card for having the possibility to get in any night party. Could you imagine how much he was wondering when he got the fake ID with his real age-16! It was absolutely useless waste of money in his case. So, we were unable to conclude anything concrete about this website at the end. 

Dear readers, be careful when you decided to get a fake ID. You can come across a fraud easily. To be safe, please, follow our reviews and comments on our site as they are from real customers. If you have already had an experience with ordering fake IDs, leave you feedback here in the comment line, please. It will help guys who have the same difficulties as you had! Wish you luck on getting your first fake ID card!


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  1. Did a deal with legit documents they are scammers. I paid them in full the price agreed to. Which was a lot 5k. They sent video of a plastic I’d with my info but wouldn’t send it. Kept wanting more money. Why not send it?? Be careful any payments going to Russia or Ukraine they are scammers


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