ChFake.com fake id review.

So, recently we have bumped into another fake ID website, offering anything a customer could desire: ID cards for every state of the United States, Canada and even Australia! As a honest reviewers, we couldn’t leave our users unaware of such a brilliant offer, so we have put our efforts into reviewing the CH Fake dotcom website and its services. What would you expect from a company, offering fake IDs under such name? Read below and compare to what we have found out!

CH Fake seems to be a Chinese website, which alone should make you suspicious. It is funny to see how they try to convince the users that only Chinese companies can provide fake IDs in the United States, without being tracked down and arrested by FBI. The website mentions Western Union as an unreliable payment system, because the scammers can abuse it and the government tracks down those who use it to buy fake IDs. At the same time, the company refuses to accept Bitcoin, the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency, ideal for such operations. Doesn’t that seem strange? It does to us.

Addressing the Bitcoin as “insecure” and “compromised”, CH Fake neither wants to work with Western Union (which we actually approve). What do they offer us instead? Steam fucking codes, man! Seriously? They encourage their customers in the United States to go buy Amazon Gift Cards, and their customers in Canada and Australia to pay with Steam Codes! Do they intend to buy a thousand copies of Megadimension Neptunia VII for some Chinese cyberattack on the U.S. or something? Sounds strange, if not retarded. Perhaps, we know little about certain features of the modern Chinese culture.

The first thing we see when we visit CHFake.com is the primitive website design. Not that it was very inconvenient or full of errors; some people can even find its simplicity attractive. However, it is another sign of an unreliable vendor: they definitely haven’t spent any money on designing a fine website, so they can shut it down anytime and make another one, if their reputation gets bad. The website looks like they’ve created it during some free online courses… Guess, it’s okay these days. We have checked the domain registrar and the owner: Joker.com has registered it for HiddenName in 2015. Doesn’t seem like a reliable company, does it?

The next thing we pay attention to, is the list of services, provided by the fake ID company. We were surprised to see that CH Fake is eager to help you out with a fake ID for ANY of the states in the United States, and also Canada and even Australia. More than that, we have had a good laugh when we found the CH Fake offering some “other countries” option! It is hard to imagine a company making good fake IDs even for the United States only, not talking about other countries. It doesn’t seem that the reviewed company cares much about the quality from the start.

To be as unbiased and honest as possible, we have given the CH Fake a chance to reassure us about their services. We have used their generous offer to ship us two fake IDs instead of one, wasting $100 on our order. The “Fake ID 2 For 1 Sale” should have ended by the end of the last week, by the way, though we still see the counter, set to 9 hours 59 minutes, every time we enter the order page. Now, guess what. We have received our order! That was, perhaps, the largest, and the last surprise we have got from this website. No surprise, however, that it took them more than a week to deliver it, even though they’ve asked for 72 hours at most.

We have received four cards (two duplicates) in a small envelope without any security or stealth options. It is amazing that it has made it through the customs, looking exactly like a fake ID package should look to draw the attention of the customs officers. When we got their IDs in our hands, it was a frustration — the feeling that you have just wasted a hundred bucks and a week of your expectations. We have seen many fakes so long, but these ones were not better than the others; though they have printed them on nice-looking Teslin analogue, they have screwed up our photos with lame photoshop, and the holograms were obviously homemade. Such fake ID may work a couple of times before you get busted by anyone willing to look at it closer.

In our opinion, it’s unwise to order for CH Fake. Even if you get your fake ID (which we doubt with their stealth options), you won’t be able to rely on it. It will require a good amount of social engineering skill to pass a security guy or buy liquors with such ID, rendering it practically useless.


43 thoughts on “ChFake.com

  1. I’ve waited for over two months to get my fake ID from Chfake, though they didn’t ask me to resend a photo or personal information — everything was correct! My order has had the “printing” status for over three weeks, and it has taken them four more weeks to get it shipped! What the hell..

    1. Hello random if still you are unable to get your ids then i will suggest you to go another one.
      I’m Jessy Moore a 2nd year student of Fashion designing from Miami International University of Art & Design and lived in Florida. At the time of my 1st year I lost my Ids, and for another ids I had to pay $500 to my collage so i choose another option and search in Google for Fake ids and got one website name idhurry and then email that website with my details and after that I got my ids with carrier at my given address.

      1. Hey Jessy Moore my name is Davis. Ive a question is ID hurry legit? I almost decided to look under CHFake I’m happy I didn’t do that hearing all of the bad reviews. My email is [email protected]. Please contact me back. Thanks

    2. Did anyone who actually receive cards get to view scans of front and back prior to shipping?

    3. I still haven’t even recived a notice that CH FAKE SEND ANY THING OUT .IAM
      WAITING SINCE 09/28/2017 it IS nowv10/09/2017 and no répond no pic they want more buisness but cant deliver there promise

  2. It’s been over 72 hours and nothing. Also, I was told prior to shipment I would be emailed so I could look over the fakes and approve them for shipment, nothing. From what I read already, the cards they do actually ship are done way pass 72 hours from the time the order was accepted, and without the opportunity of approval prior to shipping.

  3. Been 6 months since I ordered from them fake Chinese bastards
    Fake fake scams took my amazon cards and ran

  4. This webiste is a total scam. I ordered my fake almost 3 months ago. Haven’t gotten an email about anything. Absoloutly nothing. No idea where my fake is

  5. Scam. Paid 100+50 for express delivery. Ordered a week ago. 72 hours later I emailed them because they didn’t send pics of the ID like they said they would. They claim to reply within 12 hours of any questions emailed. Still no response. My amazon card has been redeemed. They took my money and ran.
    I should have listened to the horrible reviews. Do not buy from chfake.

  6. Been 3 and a half weeks and not a thing paid extra for shipping and all no replys to my 5 emails sent. Scam.

  7. I ordered from them over three weeks ago. Paid with a $100 amazon card, they replied very quickly that my form of payment wasn’t correct and that i needed to send another picture of the gift card. I did. I then received another email that said if i +1’d their pages on google+ they would send me a complimentary duplicate of any of my orders. I did. It has been almost a month and I have not received any of my IDs, and I’m doubtful I will. They have not responded to any of my emails even though they boast a 12hr response rate on their website. Total bullshit.

  8. Just spent $125 on a fake ID and express shipping and still have heard nothing back from my 20+ emails. Such a scamming website. Who’s wants to band together and dispute this crap? Fucking Chinese.

  9. I ordered an ID from CHFAKE like 4 months ago. D44XX. If there is a good review for them, they wrote it themselves. Don’t send these jokers any money. Don’t waste your time getting an Amazon gift card. It’s a big scam. I sent multiple emails…no response. But….they’ll email you…until they take the money off the gift card…then you’re screwed. They know there’s nothing you can do. They have more people making fake reviews than they do taking your money. And they don’t have anyone making fake IDs. They’ll respond to this negative review with more lies. They’re only smart enough to do a scam. They’re not smart enough to make a fake ID. Those MFs are lucky they’re 10k miles away, in a country full of dummies, that drive on the sidewalk, eat fish heads, need laws to prevent overbreeding and 95% of their industry are factories that produce cheap junk. They couldn’t make it anywhere else. One more time…IT’S A SCAM…that can’t be stopped. They can threaten to call the FBI on me all they want…how about sending my fake ID so the FBI can catch me with it? D44XX

  10. Ordered back in November and they NEVER sent me a proof or anything else to show that the card was even being done. Emailed them and just got a lame response saying I could find answers to my questions on their website. FAKE SCAM.

  11. Ordered back in October,. Still nothing as of 2/2/18
    No response to emails other than one where I threatened to leave bad reviews and he said he would find my order and throw it in the trash.
    Total scammers! Do not order from them.

  12. February 15, 2018. Gave these clowns my 100.00 dollars. Once they got my money They have never contacted me again. Its truly sad this company has cheated so many people and are getting away with a Federal crime. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM CHFAKE. THEY ARE THE FAKES.
    JIM B.

  13. Damn it. I wish I had seen this site before ordering from CHFake. Fucking took my $200 and won’t reply to my emails now. I saw a good review for them on the website https://underground-review.com/F_ID.html and that was the ONLY reason I trusted them. Definitely screw CHFake and screw Underground-Review for recommending them. It’s probably CHFake who put up that fake ass review in the first place. Massive waste of money and time.

  14. The owner, Eric Lee, is a total con man who took over this company a while back and does not send out fake IDs anymore. He just collects your $100. They won’t even do a fake ID for the state of Arizona even though that was the one demonstrated in the video on their site. You will never hear from him again after he gets your money. Total scam.

  15. This website is a total scam. I ordered, followed instructions, they drained the amazon card and won’t answer emails. I have never taken the time to write reviews on a website but I have started doing in for this chinese scam…I only WISH I had found the correct reviews (instead of their own personal made up ones). If I thought there was anyway to track down this Eric Lee or this company then I would put my efforts into it. However I am out the money, no id ever received and I am stuck just trying to warn others before they are taken.
    Hope this helps someone

  16. total scam, 2 for 1 promo clock reset back to 7 days when it finishes it’s count down, Do not fall for this scam, you never see your ID card.

  17. I was very skeptical at first. I went through the entire process correctly and spoke with them over email, but as soon as my payment was processed they stopped responding. Unfortunately, chfake.com is a scam.

  18. It has been 3 months now and i have received nothing for my order # X777D stay far away from these useless morons they are nothing but a scam with a great marketing department. They spend more time writing fake positive reviews on review sites then they ever do making I.D.s but that makes sense because that cost them nothing except a little time. I hope they enjoy the $100 Amazon gift card that the already cashed. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE YOU WILL GET BURNED!


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