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Fake ID is a popular website that offers fake IDs (what a surprise!) and some other interesting cards. The resource has an attractive, friendly design, surprisingly cheap prices and a huge number of customer feedbacks (obviously forged). The fun fact is that Fake ID uses Batman, Ironman, Spiderman and other superheroes as stubs on their fake IDs. The unfunny fact is that those IDs have nothing in common with the traditional driver’s licenses that we intend to order. However, an international student card may help you get through security and even buy booze, if you’re lucky. Let’s look inside the Fake ID dotcom and test it!

The first thing we experience on their website is the music. I personally hate webpages that play music without being asked for that, and that is a great minus. Fake ID goes even further, playing a video to devour your traffic and make everything lag. Well, at least the video is good. It’s about three gals making it out to the club, perhaps, with fake IDs and enjoying all the bad things they can find there: alcohol, smoking, and more. You’d really love to join them, for sure! For now, lets just scroll down.

The price immediately catches our eye. Why is it just 39.99 and why is it in Euro? The answer is just below: they do not do original DMV driver licenses. Instead, the Fake ID website offers some “international” press, fisherman, state, student and other cards. This one fact makes us encourage you to look for good fake IDs in some other places. You won’t get far with that “international student card”, if you want to have a good night in the club or at a concert.

But back to the site. In the Shop section we see what Fake ID has to offer. There are eight types of ID cards they produce: press, fishing, state, photo identification, citizen, student, driver and boater. No real DMV cards analogues, unfortunately. It’s up to you to decide, if you want to try any of those cards in action, but we would recommend not to do it, because it’s at least uncommon in the United States. We have checked the domain: it is registered in Germany by www.meshdigital.com in 2001. The owner is N. Shansian.

The website looks like a Christmas gift card shop, or a toy store, not a fake ID producer. It even calls itself a CARD DESIGN STUDIO. Nothing much to expect from it, however, we have decided to order one fake ID from them, just for fun. We have tested shipping from Europe and their printing quality, for just $45, which is twice cheaper than most companies ask for.

One last thing before the description of our order: the payment methods. Fake ID accepts a huge number of payment options, including credit cards, Paysafe cards, Discover, PayPal, Amazon payments, Bitcoin, Webmoney and Sofort. That’s is quite a good choice! We have no doubt that Fake ID is a real company, not a scammer. Thus, we have designed a state ID card in their online designer, placed an order, paid with Bitcoin (just 0.015!) and received a confirmation via e-mail.

What we have received from Fake ID was exactly what we have ordered. The shipping took 11 days, and they’ve sent it via DHL in a simple envelope. We were generally satisfied with the stealth options, the price and the delivery (though it could have been faster). The fake ID that we have received was similar to those that they have on their pictures. It has had accurate holograms and scanning QR code, and it was made of fair PVC. However, we cannot recommend it for buying liquors or going into clubs, or even smoking, because there is a high chance that the local authorities won’t accept it as a legal confirmation of your age.

While we have no complaints about the services, shipping or other features of the Fake IDs website, its product is not what you need, if you want to drink and hang out with friends in the United States. We suggest you choosing a standard driver’s license provided by a reliable fake ID producer, instead of ordering some fancy looking “international” cards from Germany. Our rating for Fake ID is “Not our case!”


4 thoughts on “fake-id.com

  1. I’ve seen a couple of good fake IDs, but the one I’ve got from fake-id.com is not even close to that. The holograms are placed incorrectly, the raised font is missing, and the material doesn’t feel like real Teslin. They seem to use some cheap replacement, which is unreasonable in a fake ID for $120. I’ll try looking for a more reliable producer, perhaps.

  2. I have a problem with the fake ID I’ve got from Fake-id.com: it doesn’t scan, and the holograms are wrong. They have mistaken the holograms for my SC fake ID, and I just can’t use it! It hasn’t worked for me when I tried to use it in to buy booze, the only good thing is that the merchant didn’t call the police!

  3. im waiting on my delivery ,its almost 2 months ,haven’t received anything ,but until now they try to help me ,by the way they send it to me twice ,i haven’t got it ,still asking them ,after 2 weeks they stop replying to me they think im bothering them i guess ?but honestly im screwed up ,the delivery man open it i guess ,

  4. They are not up to mark. In my own experience the only place to buy genuine fake IDs is from id-hurry. Apparently they know what they are doing and the best in the market


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