fakeyourdrank.com review.

We have tested the Fake Your Drank website for you, reviewing the fake ID company and its services. We have paid attention to the domain history, website design, specter of services, prices, payment methods, other reviews, and have placed a real order on Fake Your Drank to make sure that the website is not a scam. We have received the fake ID card from this producer and examined it thoroughly to see, if it is reliable, and if it is a good choice for your money. Read the review and see, if Fake Your Drank is any good!

The first thing that got on our mind when we have heard about that fake ID producer was “What the hell is with its name?” It just doesn’t sound serious. When we have visited their website, we have found a questionably designed website with a primitive structure, irrelevant images and tiny fonts, making it hard to read. There are such tabs as Pricing, Order Now, FAQ/News, Pictures, Guide, Support and Login.

Browsing through the tabs News and Pictures is the first time when we have suspected something: on the Pictures tab, you get a number of some fake ID photos of unclear origin. On a few of them, these guys have photoshoped their company name, but did it poorly. So, what do those photos have to do with Fake Your Drank itself? We have found the similar ones in Google Pages, so it seems they have just taken random fake ID pictures and put them on their website.

The News tab has 4-5 entries from January and March 2017 (four months back from now) and one fake stub dating today; it doesn’t look like they care much about their website. By the way, the domain was registered in 2016 for Domain Admin” at publicdomainregistry.com, which is already quite suspicious. The website alone doesn’t look reliable, and has no reputation that could prove it worthy. Unlike those companies with old proven domains, Fake Your Drank has nothing to lose in case they decide to disappear with your money — they haven’t put even $100 in their website, just like thousands of one-day companies.

Then, we have looked at the services that they offer. Fake Your Drank tells you that they sell fake IDs for 18 states on the landing page, but only lists prices for 13 ones. When you fill the order form, there are just 13 states to choose from. Thus, this company only makes fake IDs for 13 states, which is far behind most fake ID companies. Though they make IDs for SC and NC, considered the best cards at the moment, they do not make popular California and New York cards, pitifully. They do not explain that. We have found no other services on this website, so it’s pretty much it.

Payment methods is what often helps to expose scammers: they love Western Union, for example. What do we see on Fake Your Drank? Western Union! A coincidence? I think so. We doubt that Fake Your Drank is a scammer (though, check their FAQ), but accepting WU is just careless. Fortunately, the company also accepts Bitcoin (which is the best practice) and Moneygram. They say that refunds are barely possible, just keep it in mind.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any reliable reviews of Fake Your Drank, which is a certain sign itself. Most of the reviews of Fake Your Drank were obviously as fake as the IDs they make.

Do not worry, however — we have tested them to judge by deeds. We have placed an order for a fake ID for Washington, paying $100 in Bitcoin (0.036), as we always do. The first problem we faced was the pending transaction. For some reason, it took them almost three days to process it. In their FAQ, they do not tell anything reasonable about such cases. Then, we have had to wait for 3 days to get it printed, and 12 more to get it shipped to the post office. The stealth is not an option for Fake Your Drank, obviously. Good they haven’t send it in an envelope with the company’s name on it!

The quality of the Washington fake ID we have received was… poor. It could work 3 times out of 10, I guess. However, we have decided not to risk. The holograms were poorly printed, the fonts were blurry, and the photo was even worse than the one we have send them. We have compared it to the real Washington ID, and found at least four obvious differences. We do not recommend using the fake IDs from Fake Your Drank, because they won’t work in any serious cases.

We would rate Fake Your Drank 5/10 just because they have an average price on their fakes, and a slightly below the average quality. Shipping takes too long, and they do not use any advanced stealth options. The fake ID from this company can work from a distance of 6 feet, not less.


11 thoughts on “fakeyourdrank.com

  1. Never ever again I’ll pay fakeyourdrank.com for anything. They can’t make a simple fake ID that would look anywhere close to a real one. I could have made better fake ID myself! They do not know anything about raised font, holograms or UV ink, used to make real North Carolina IDs. Actually, if all fake IDs are like that, I’d rather save my money until my 18th birthday…

    1. paid through “Reloadit” and waited the 2-4 weeks. On the third week I was told that they got booted from reloadit and that now my order was going to be difficult to process. It’s now the 5th week and they’re telling me that I may need to “request a refund”. How am i supposed to do that without the card fyd?? wtf

  2. I’ve sent in my payment thought western union still havnt even recived a id at least it’s a waist wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

  3. terrible! terrible!! terrible!!! terrible!!!!

    do not allow these people to steal your money as they did mine. not only did the card fail to scan but the last time i tried to use it, which was the third and final time, the bouncer took one look at it and handed it back to me saying, “you spent too much money on this fake ID.”

    don’t fall for the supposed convenience of using this garbage site, and don’t support the predatory people who run it. it is an absolute waste of money and has caused me to feel nothing but anger and aggravation towards these wombats!

    don’t fall for this website. even if you have $100 to burn, burn it somewhere else.

    1. You send this so called company money… just know it’s gone forever and all u will get us Nothing!!! They will reply to u and get u to send more money saying they are so busy with orders that if u pay $25 more they will upgrade u to express service. Haha. That’s a joke.
      You send money just know u are just the latest victim to this Chinese scam

  4. Order # 8641-51883

    Now God knows I was just going to let it go and write it down as a loss and move on. But after leaving the USPS office today to find out what was going on with this tracking number “that has arrived in my city 2 weeks ago and just been floating around without being delivered for 2 weeks”. Now listen. I sell products on eBay and use the same 1-3 USPS shipping that they had used on my item. And let me tell you, I have had not 1 package lost and I have sent a lot of packages. But 1st! I place a order for a id on fakeyourdrank.com since they had the best reviews. I paid for fast shipping. Upon the second week of noticing my id has not only not been shipped, but hasen’t even been started to get worked on, I submitted a ticket. The person responded “UHHH we a lil slow rn”. Now how unprofessional is that? To make a long story short, I Placed that order 2 months ago and I still have no ID. Upon speaking with the lady at the register, the only way a package can be lost, is if something is physically wrong with the address. If you look at fakeyourdrank site you will see under their FAQ What if I don’t get my I’d?. Then they answer “We reship within 1-2 days”. You know why??? Because they on purposely mess up the address on the package to where it can’t be delivered. I have been using the same USPS 1-3 day service for 2 years and not one package had been lost. If they wanna respond lying to this review, if anybody got a email address I can send them screenshots of our whole conversations on our tickets and screenshots of the USPS “empty package” tracking number dates. Please don’t make this mistake like I did and go to this company. There just going to steal your money.

  5. Bouncer took one look at it and handed it to an undercover police officer now I have $500 worth of fines and community service. The officer told me it was s terrible fake and if you have friends with fakes from the same place don’t let them use theirs

  6. Bad Deal. Doesn’t look real, The holograms are Terrible, the card itself is made of some hard plastic that feels completely fake. Worst of all Despite what they advertise, These IDs do NOT scan. Waste of money.

  7. Spent a year going back and forth to court over this stupid fake id and over $700 in fines. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone! Please don’t use fakeyourdrank or you’ll end up with a misdemeanor or worse on your record. It’s just not worth it. This stuff sucks.

  8. I ordered my fake ID , paid for it of course with bitcoin mind you. NOTHING!!! Not a peep. These fake id sites are being taken over by scammers with identical looking site and they will just still your money. DO NOT TRUST any of these companies. I’m in a contact with a guy from China through ”[what’s up]’ app and I told him the story about how I got scammed by not one but two different supposed vendors. So he said he’ll make an ID for me about a week from one or two days ago. He’ll show me my ID done and then I’ll let you know what happened. Today 04/12/2022


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