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After discussing some popular sites which sell fake IDs, we came to the conclusion that we need to examine in details the site fakeyourid.com. It is quite popular among the sites offering the purchase of fake IDs, so we decided to visit it, review its service and make an order to tell you everything in detail. Every day we receive a lot of letters with requests for feedback on the site fakeyourid.com. People are interested in it, but they want to know everything about the service. They want to be pretty sure whether it is worth ordering a fake id through fakeyourid.com. If you are interested in the result, read the article to the end and you will learn a lot of new things. Let’s start!

First, we visited the site of this organization. Personally, I was not particularly impressed with it. I would like to get more detailed information and feedback from customers. The service offers to buy fake ids, but it is not written which states these ids are. Also there are photos of ready-made ids, they look convincing and of good quality in the photo, but we need to check and place an order to make sure if these photos are real. Prices for fake ids are not cheap, they depend on the quantity. The more you buy, the greater the discount is. But as far as I know, people always buy an id in a single copy. So the price is rather high and you will also need to pay for shipping.

On the site there were no reviews from those who had already ordered fake ids. This confused us. I like reading feedbacks, because they show people’s attitude, pros and cons of the service. We decided to ask the support team a few questions and wrote a letter to them. A day passed, but there was no answer. After 3 days they finally answered. We asked the question about what states ids could be ordered. We were offered only 3 states. The choice was not large; we were very disappointed. For a price of $ 120, a choice of three states was not serious. We went further and decided to place an order. All steps were simple enough; you do not need a lot of skills to understand the navigation. When it came to the payment for the order, it turned out that they accepted only bitcoins! Although on the Site it was written that payment could be made in any convenient way:  using Amazon Gift Card, Visa or Master Gift card, using Western Union. It is obvious that not all buyers have bitcoin and in order to make a payment you need to spend a lot of time and effort. A lot of customers can easily pay with a card. We tip it as a great disadvantage for absence of a choice at payment.

Fortunately, we could use all payment methods and could pay with bitcoins. We transferred the necessary amount and ordered a fake state California ID. Our order was confirmed; in 10 days we should receive our parcel. In fact, we received it in 14 days, 4 days was a small delay, but the company did not meet the deadline and delivered in 2 weeks. We received our parcel in the usual white envelope. Here we were all shocked. As far as it is not reliable to do such packing and shipment, the envelope shone through and it was clear that inside there was an ID. Apparently it is the cheapest way of the shipment, or the company does not bother about the methods of delivery at all. With this envelope, anything could happen. We opened the envelope and began to review the fake state CALIFORNIA ID. At first glance, it was of good quality and indistinguishable from the original, but if you look closely, you can distinguish a fake! The holograms were of terrible quality and the ink was a bit blurry. In a detailed study, any person will understand that this is a fake. We compared the fake id with the real state CALIFORNIA ID. The difference was noticeable. Personally, I would not use such id, it is not very reliable. Of course you can show it in other states, because not all bartenders and bouncers from neighboring states know how ID California looks like. BUT still I would not risk, so as not getting into an embarrassing situation.

In conclusion, we do not advise you to buy a fake ID on the site fakeyourid.com because of a long and unreliable delivery, due to the high price and of course due to the poor quality of IDs.  Of course, the choice is yours, but be very careful and accurate when ordering ID on this site, or look for another more reliable service for ordering a fake ID. I think very few people would like to wait 2 weeks and then get an ID of poor quality and even paying for it more than 120 dollars.

Thank you for your attention, we hope that our article will be useful to you and you will avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Good luck to all!


31 thoughts on “fakeyourid.com

  1. DO NOT ORDER from this website. They are a total scam. They will just take your money and your order will never arrive. Don’t bother trying to contact them either because they will never respond.

  2. In their web site they state that Trust is the real issue and we will win yours. The only thing they will win is your money. I placed an order and received nothing. They never replied to any of my emails. When you go to the questions section on their site it replies back instantly that they will contact you in 24 hours never happened. I am stupid for buying into their B.S and may be out $200.00 dollars but at least I do know what trust is. I hope this group of S.O.B’s enjoy my money and others as they spend it in HELL.

  3. Just Oder my about 4 days ago. Paid $200 for the express shipping and never heard the response or anything. It’s SCAM. Don’t ever waste your money here

  4. This site is literally a scam, I paid $400 for 4 id’s and they took my money and havent answered. I ordered them on January 9th and it’s now been a month, don’t waste your time.

  5. Got me too. Fucking assholes. I should have know better.
    $200.00 lost. Lazy fucks cant get a job and work like everyone else,only steal from those who do.

  6. I placed a order and dident even get a conformation number our nothing I havet herd back nothing yet I really thought this was a ligit site wow

  7. Fake Fraud Do not order I ordered and never received my if or a response from them after they received the payment information they never responded back fake fuck these punk fucking scam

  8. Im honestly really upset with the service fakeyourid has provided, which is NONE. Not only did I pay $125 for the ID but an extra $75 for express shipping. I was really hoping to receive my order in a timely manner and decent customer service. Instead I received absolutely NOTHING, not a single email or anything but were fast to take the money off the amazon gift card.

  9. Had the same experience, they never texted back, i lost $200.00 thinking the good reviews about them were true but they aren’t!!! Don’t fall for it!!!!

  10. should’ve listened to all these reviews… i made my order on march 24 and haven’t heard anything back from them….

  11. This site is fraud, I paid for my ID via gift card, I paid for expedited shipping as well. I have inquired about my ID 4 times asking for tracking or a status and have not heard back. They took the money off of the gift card, it is through a Chinese Financial firm. DONT ORDER HERE!

  12. Total SCAMDO NOT PURCHASE from these guys they are total FRAUD. Took my money never delivered I sent a dozen E-mails and not one reply.

  13. Fake your ID is a total scam , got ripped off for $200 … Do not order anything from them!!! Scam scam scam scam scam …. Bullshit !!


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