Hello everyone! Today I wanna talk about fake IDs and review one of the Darknet websites that offer counterfeit documents. It will be interesting for you if you are underage (under 21) and you are absolutely tired of being loser out of the parties and missing out of the fun. I am looking for an excellent fake ID service where you can order a fake card and stay safe. There are a lot of scams that offer low-quality IDs or want to rob you. Therefore, you should be careful and straightforward when you choose web services to order fake ID cards. 

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of getting a fake id. If you are under 21 or you want to be a driver (to get a fake driver’s license), or just for fun – everything is suitable and acceptable! Remember that you are not able to use a fake id card in official places for verification, for example you cannot go to a bank for account opening. Pay maximum attention that you shouldn’t give the card into the police’s hands. Otherwise, you will be fined or even worse punished. On the other hand, minors can utilize the Fake IDs for making smooth entry inside a nightclub, for becoming eligible for specific tasks, to impress your friends, for buying alcohol wherever and for not being a loser anymore. This card will help them break the gates to the real awesome adult life!

One month ago, I was looking for a decent fake ID provider, and one of my friends advised me https://freedomfakes.is as the old-school store where everyone can buy fake documents. I have decided to research it and find out more.

Let’s get started. The website of this store looks pretty attractive. The “party” picture meets you up there. The background of the site is bright, especially if compared with similar web stores. The slogan on the homepage says: “Get the best scannable fake ID online today!”. Then you can find a lot of information about fake IDs in general and about the products that this market offers. The navigation of the website is simple. You don’t need to be an experienced user to find the necessary info. Right on the first page you can see the following tabs: Home, States, About, How to order, Shop, Scam Alert!, Contact, Reviews, MoneyGram Form. Let’s look at each of them. 

-The Home tab always leads you to the homepage. 

-The States tab contains the states that this provider is currently producing. It only offers the fake IDs of the next states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin. By clicking one of the state name, you go in more detailed info about the state fake ID. For example, we clicked Texas fake card. There were open some pictures of this ID: how it will look like. There also were the price per 1 thing – $100 and a range of security features that includes: Scannable 1D and 2D barcodes, Swipeable magstripe, Optical variable ink (holo), Micro perforations, Raised text, Includes duplicate, 2-week shipping

All these features are promised to be in their fake driver’s licenses. Then you can make an order right over there, as there is several lines under the description where you gotta enter your personal information (First and Last Name, Delivery Address, Birthdate,Gender, Height and Weight that are needed for producing documents, and photos). Don’t leave real personal information, except photo. You have to make up all the details. 

-The About tab includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Shipping info, Privacy Policy, 

– How to order – this tab gives you the guide on how to order and pay for your fake ID. As for the method of payment, it accepts Bitcoins and MoneyGram transfer. Bitcoin orders are dispatched within 24 hours. There are other cryptocurrencies acceptable, but you need to email them beforehand.

-The Shop tab leads to your account. To get your account, you need to register there. 

– Scam Alert! – tells about possible scammers that you can meet everywhere in the Darknet. So, be careful! 

-In the Reviews tab, you find reviews and feedback from previous customers. 

The domain of Freedomfakes was created on 12.02.2018, the registrant country is the USA. They have been around 2 years. It is a good point, and the USA company plays fair without any fraud. 

All the info that we found on the website, was not enough for us, therefore we decided to check the reviews of real customers on private forums. Apparently, this seller introduces himself pretty well and opening. But we need to know how it really works. So, customers left contradictory reviews about https://freedomfakes.is, some of them were decent but most were quite not good. People complain a lot about long-term delivery, not personal conditions of shipping, and they were disappointed with the low quality of the cards. One girl said that she couldn’t even read her own name on her Nevada driver’s license. They didn’t give her the money back and didn’t plead guilty, that’s why she was very upset. Some guys thanked this web service, they liked to get new fake ids, but they didn’t comment on the quality or delivery terms.

We are not sure about this website that is worth it to order over there or not, but the choice is yours! You can make your first order and leave the feedback here for our followers. We guess we should help each other! We provided you with all the information that we found out. Be careful and good luck!


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