Id-hurry.com fake id review.

Today, hundreds of one-day companies, founded by random people, have overrun the Fake ID niche. The want to make fast money and disappear. They never care about the quality of their product or their service. They only want to trick you once into paying them and they never expect you to come back. That is why we have initiated the Fake ID websites reviews. We want to provide you with the unbiased, actual information about all the players on the market: from the oldest and the most reliable ones, to the newest ones with the best offers and discounts. We also intend to expose the obvious scammers.

This review familiarizes you with one of the oldest Fake ID producers — the famous ID Hurry. It is very probable that you or one of your friends, or at least a friend of your friend has ordered his or hers fake ID from ID Hurry, because this company has one of the largest market shares. This is easy to explain: ID Hurry has a proven reputation of a professional, reliable producer with a huge experience in the business, and thousands of satisfied customers. Nevertheless, we are going to go through several points and examine the company’s website and services, as well as place a real order and see, if they are as good as rumors tell.

So, what does ID Hurry has to offer? The company specializes in a narrow niche of fake ID, and does not offer any side services, like doing laundry or renting cars. In my opinion, this is good, because they know what they do, and do not try to bite off more than they can chew. You can expect the highest quality of fake ID from the specialists who only do fake ID. In the SHOP page of their website, you can find a wide choice of states they make IDs for: all 50 states are represented there (except for the District of Columbia).

A word about the site’s design.

It is a good old WordPress website, quick and bug-free. The design is rather simple, user-experience oriented, logical and convenient. They also have a plenty of useful information: a helpful FAQ, definitions and terms, delivery options, payment options, and even their contacts for further assistance. You can register an account on ID Hurry, keeping your personal information securely stored on the website, so you won’t have to bother entering it repeatedly. Everything works smoothly and without irritating errors.

We have also checked the domain history, to make sure that this site is not a scam, and has a good history. The domain was registered in 2016 for “HiddenName”, by a reliable domain name reseller Joker.com. It has been online for a very long time, without changing the owner, and without any transfers. The many customer reviews mentioning ID Hurry are very positive regarding the site’s services.

The website serves the only purpose: provide you with affordable and convenient way to get a fake ID. What we have personally loved about ID Hurry is the regular massive discounts they provide on nearly every state’s IDs. For example, today they have approximately 20% discount on the California fake ID and over 10% discount on Delaware fake ID. There are also coupons you can use to get an even better offer on certain IDs. On every state’s page you can find vital information about the state’s law: drinking age, bartending age, and a scan of the real ID with a description.

Payment options for ID Hurry include two major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and DASH. You are transferred to the secure payment page of your choice when you checkout your cart. It is more than typical fake ID companies offer (Bitcoin only), and much more secure than Western Union payments, commonly used by scammers.

As an experiment, we have ordered a Pennsylvania fake ID, which we believe to be the most reliable state’s ID. It cost us $85.00. The order procedure went smooth, and we have received the card on the fifth day (took them 2 days to photoshop and print it, and 3 days to deliver). The card was on authentic Teslin, with all the features: holograms, ghost picture and scanning bar codes. We have compared it to the real PA ID, and have found no differences! The quality was just amazing.

Eventually, we have rated ID Hurry among the few best fake ID companies currently on the market. As expected, they ship perfect fake IDs, indistinguishable from real ones, and do not delay your order. The website is simple and convenient, payment options are good, and they offer affordable prices and regular discounts. Long history of successful operation and hundreds of positive reviews from the satisfied customers prove it worthy. Nine points out of ten, at least!

update 26.10.2019 no more dash accept


20 thoughts on “id-hurry.com

  1. idhurry prints decent fake IDs, with great value/money ratio. I recommend this producer to anyone willing to have a reliable fake ID, for a reasonable price. Shipping took less than two weeks, and was very stealthy. I’m more than satisfied with my fake ID from idhurry, perhaps, it’s one of the best companies currently on the market.

  2. It feels necessary to admit the quality of the service provided by idhurry.com. Among my friends, I have the best-quality, and thus the most reliable fake ID. We use it for a week now, and have never had any problems with merchants or bouncers. Good job, idhurry.com, I’d recommend you to everyone!

  3. Just got my fresh ID from idhurry.com. Outstanding! I can’t see any difference between this and the real one, all holograms look very authentic, and the car FEELS real! Got a nice discount from idhurry.com and a free duplicate, going to try it out very soon. Thank you guys!

  4. Ordered CA ID the 25 received today on the 2st
    they look good for what they are
    I was using free delivery, after purchase they gave me a discount HURRYEXPRESS for the next orders but I guess I’m ok with this ID so you can use it guys

  5. i ordered 11 days ago and my IDs just got to me today. they seem of great quality, will be trying it out soon. definitely not a scam though.


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