When you need to order fake IDs, you might come across the Idinstate website. Its name might ring a bell within the community and some customers might leave positive reviews about it. But we’d like to warn you that it’s a scam website with an extremely low rating and you shouldn’t use its services by any means. Read this Idinstate review till the end to understand why you should avoid this scammed project.

What Is Idinstate?

It’s a website where you can allegedly purchase a fake ID of high quality and at a reasonable price. You shouldn’t have any trouble accessing it. There shouldn’t be any server error or a problem with network connectivity. You just type the name of the site in the address bar of your Tor browser and you open it.

But you should realize that this is not a verified provider of fake documents. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive your fake ID at all. People regularly report this business as a scam but it keeps on functioning. The information that you’ll find in this review will prove it.

How to Place an Order?

You open the Order page and read the instructions on making a good photo. The background will inform you about an optimal background, distance from the camera, facial expression and so on. It should look like a photo for an official document.

Then, you scroll down and fill in a form, indicating the following information about yourself:

  • Photo
  • Signature
  • First, last and middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Gender
  • State
  • Address

After that, you press the Checkout button, indicate your post address and transfer funds to the provider.

Security Features

The manufacturer promises that your fake ID will look absolutely like a real one. The provider will use top-end materials, such as PVC and Teslin. The ID will have the following security features.

  • Micro print
  • Perforations
  • Holograms
  • OVI and UV colors
  • Laminates
  • Back overlay
  • UV over-print

It will be able to pass bend and scan tests. The manufacturer gives a 2-month warranty for every fake ID. But it won’t cover user errors or user damage.


The prices seem rather reasonable:

  • 1-2 — $110 /each
  • 3-5 — $90 /each
  • 6 or more — $60 /each

However, if you need a New California fake ID, you should be ready to pay $140 for it. All IDs come with an exact duplicate.

Payment Options

To pay for your order, you’ll be able to choose from the options that most other similar websites offer:

  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

If you opt for Bitcoin, you’ll receive a 5% discount.

The bad news is that these scammers might steal your money and give you nothing in exchange. You shouldn’t hope to get a refund.

Shipping Terms

You’re supposed to receive a tracking number for your package in 3-5 days after you submit the order. You should receive your IDs in 10-15 business days after you complete the payment (weekends and public holidays don’t count). The delivery might take a bit longer right before the spring break when many people need their IDs urgently.

Idinstate ships its fake IDs from China so you shouldn’t expect to receive them the next day after you submit your order. The company uses the services of USPS.

One detail might seem very suspicious: this website offers express shipping for free. Meanwhile, the price of a fake ID is not too high, compared to what other providers offer. This detail might determine your decision to leave the website and never come back. Yet too many people are genuinely happy to receive such a present and they don’t leave.

How Can You Contact the Administration?

You shouldn’t look for a contact form on this website because it doesn’t exist. Instead, in the left part of the window, you’ll find a column with multiple buttons that lead to diverse communication channels. These include not only Whatsapp, Telegram and email but also Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on. In total, there are around a dozen options. Yet if you try to use them, you might find out that these contacts are not valid.

The website might show you the following announcement: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re performing some scheduled maintenance. Don’t worry, we still want to help you complete this share! Please use the following link to select your preferred email client for send”. Also, it will ask you to either accept cookies or change your cookies preferences.

What Makes Idinstate Seem Worthy of Your Trust?

This online business has quite a few features that make it look like a legit one and not a scam. Here are the most vivid examples.

This Website Is Regularly Updated

Whenever you need a fake ID, you can be sure you’ll get a new and valid one. At least, this is what the administration promises. When you scroll the main page down, you’ll find a selection of fake documents whose templates were recently updated.

There Is a Scam Page on This Website

There, the administration warns you against scam businesses that try to make money on the allegedly impeccable reputation of Idinstate. You’ll find links to phishing domains and the email address of a scammer who might try to contact you.

Let’s think logically. If Idinstate takes such great care of its customers, it should be a legit site, right? (Or, better to say, credible. A business that specializes in forgeries can’t be entirely legit). Alas, that’s just a trick that the Idinstate team uses to make you trust them.

There Is a Page with Video Reviews

There, you can examine the fake ID that you’re planning to order in every detail. They look very nice and convincing. The person who shows the IDs wears gloves which accentuates their professionalism.

Excellent Infographics on How to Take a Photo for Your Fake ID

Most websites provide their clients with a text guide and samples of good and bad photos. But here, you’ll discover an amazing image that explains how to make a photo of the right format and quality.

What Makes This Website Look Not Too Professional?

As soon as you open Idinstate, you might be surprised by its amateurish design. Most other businesses from this sphere have sleek websites with modern and minimalistic designs. Yet Idinstate is neither visually appealing nor user-friendly.

It doesn’t matter whether you try to open this site on your computer or mobile device. It might fail to adapt to the size of your display. And that’s another factor that might determine your decision to leave this scam website and never come back.

The FAQ Section Is Not Too Comprehensive

Most fake ID websites put a lot of effort into creating an exhaustive FAQ section. They don’t want their visitors to disturb them too often with basic questions. But the Idinstate team doesn’t bother too much about it.

This is a real-life example of a question and answer: “Black light and UV?” — “Please reference the detailed InState card page”.

The more clicks a person needs to make to achieve their goal, the more likely they will be to leave the website.

There Is No Information About the SSL Certificate on the Website

The company doesn’t even try to convince users that it protects their private data. But could we expect anything else if the team lacks the ability to create a nice landing page?

Reviews About Idinstate

When you check reviews about this company on the Internet, you’ll see that they are very mixed. Let’s compare the essence of the positive and negative ones.

What Do Positive Reviews Say?

Some of the reviews found on the Internet might claim that it’s a superb fake ID manufacturer that deserves the highest rating. A typical positive review will contain numerous exclamation marks.

The Idinstate might claim that they are a verified provider. Yet we all know how easy it is to hire a professional writer, order a positive media review and fake a high rating.

What Do the Authors of Negative Reviews Complain About?

If you check an app or website with impartial reviews, you’ll discover a lot of negative opinions. There would be complaints about the server the site is hosted on and the contacts that are not valid. Sometimes, a scammed buyer might suspect that Idinstate lacks an SSL certificate, which might lead to data leaks. And of course, many customers would say that they simply lost their funds, time and nerves. The overall rating of this fake ID business will be extremely low.

Most likely, you don’t want to be the next disappointed user who leaves a negative review in such an app. So you should avoid these scammers.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this review came in handy and now you understand why you should avoid Idinstate. You might suspect that this company is a scam immediately after you open its website. Its design looks too amateurish and its contacts might be not valid. Its FAQ section is not comprehensive at all and it might lack an SSL certificate to protect its clients’ data. Idinstate offers free express shipping — but the price of its fake ID doesn’t differ too much from what other websites from this sphere offer. The provider promises to deliver IDs that look exactly like real ones — but what you’ll get in fact won’t look legal by any means. Or, which is even more likely, you’ll receive nothing at all and will get no refund for your money. The wisest thing that you can do is to avoid Idinstate and never recommend this company to your friends and colleagues.


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