Idtop.ph fake id review.

Now we are going to check and comment on ID Top website which is offering their service on making fake IDs. Nowadays it is very popular on Reddit and other places. We are often being asked to consider it. We will investigate their website and check how comfortable, reliable and useful it is. We will give a short review on their services and prices and of course will order one to see how it all works and what we will finally receive. We set a goal to check how long it takes to receive the order, how proper the quality is, if they use stealth. Stick with us if you are curious to know how it all ends.

At first we went to their official website at www.idtop.ph. Cannot say we were anyhow impressed.  Front page is very poor, though they talk about low price, payment and delivery terms promising holograms and being scannable. There is no link to seeing any reviews which is very suspicious. They have no at all or they try to hide them. Website is simple and doesn’t look as a professional one. Might just be a reseller. You do not need to log in to place an order. There is no such system, which again looks suspicious and unprofessional. But they offer you an email which you need to send your request to.

We checked the services offered. First of all we were surprised at how many mistakes in spelling there are while you are reading. How professional is that? What am I going to receive if I place an order? Will they spell correctly the state at least? They offer fake IDs for every state. Which is good on the one hand but on the other hand if they are trying to sit on every chair, ready to provide whatever you ask for what impact will it have on the quality of the fake ID? At least if they had a good looking and professionally organized website I would give them achance but considering all the comments above all that doesn’t look trustworthy for us.

We have investigated the domain history. This website was registered not so long ago. The current owner is Domain Admin(hidden name). Nothing bad of course. For sure ID Top is a young new website and cannot claim to have big experience and have no reputation as you can see from the absence of reviews. Only future will tell if it is good. Strange is also that such young service already is experienced enough to offer fake ID for all states. We will check in any case by ordering fakes from them as we normally do to make a proper review.

As we could not find any links to reviews or reviews themselves on the website we searched other sources. We found some on Reddit. They didn’t seem at all true, the questions were useless all seemed a big fake so not much we have found. The thing is normally that most of the happy buyers who were lucky to get a good fake ID do not remember to leave their reviews as they are happily using them in bars and shops. Maximum they can share their happy comments with their friends. On the other hand when the customer is displeased with and ID he would leave thousands of bad reviews on a hundred of websites. We could not find many concerning ID Top which basically means they either have very small amount of customers or they censure bad reviews somehow.

So they only way to see how good in reality ID Top is was to order a fake ID from them. Now about prices. Strange thing is that ID for different states has different price. Do they use different ink or what? But that is not the only point. They have the following offers. For example Alabama: 1 person- 90 USD for 2 IDs, 2 or more persons -60 USD for 4 or more IDs. 4 or more persons – 50 USD for 8 or more IDs. Meaning they send duplicate for each person who orders. Not bad at first sight but lets count. If it is 90 USD for one person and 2 IDs, means one costs 45 USD. If you are an experienced user you know that a decent ID cannot cost less than 100 USD. But surely if you try to purchase for the first time you’d be so happy to find such a good deal. You should think though how much this great deal will cost you in future. When both of IDs that you paid 90 USD for will go to the rubbish bin. And in any case why do they decide that you need two IDs. They actually do not give you a chance. And that is how they make money.

The funny thing is also the delivery terms. In one sentence they manage to promise you to deliver in 48 hours and then in 5-7 days. Which one to believe? That is one thing. The other is that they promise to send you a new one for free if you are not happy of what you receive. And if you are not happy again they will send again. Come on guys, that is way unprofessional. They are basically telling us that they have such cases and know how to deal with them. If they provide best service as they claim then why to promise new ID if yours doesn’t work. Any way we waited not 2-5-7 days but 11. The envelope didn’t even try to hide what was inside. The ID was not at all as we could have expected. The UV ink was blurry, the hologram didn’t look as hologram. We would definitely not recommend ID Top as a website for you. Absolutely unprofessional. The rate is 50-60%. Meaning that only in 50-60% you will by a drink or get inside the bar. And only if your ID is of a different state  from yours.

ID Top is not a scammer but is not a website we would recommend. They still need to keep trying to develop the quality instead of dealing with quantity and duplicates. One is enough if it is a decent one. Till it happens you need to stick with another experienced company.



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  1. Literally sent them the payment and haven’t even gotten a confirmation. I’m PISSED!! It’s been over 24 hrs. Not only did I try messaging them on that stupid Wickr messenger, but I also dmed them on their insta and NO REPLY!?!?! Like I deadass just got ripped off $135 since I paid for priority overnight shipping. Don’t use this site

  2. THEY ARE A SCAM. I ordred my ID 5 months ago and they have not send it. I’ve emailed multiple times and they say they will send and never do.


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