Idviking.com has been around for some time now and many claim that they are reliable partners in making fake documents, including student IDs and driver licenses. I feel obliged to check what kind of reviews are true – negative or positive, because there are enough of both types of reviews, and sometimes it is really hard to figure out the truth beneath the sea of lies. You always check out the word on the street, because you can’t ignore the power of word. The reviews are pretty reliable source of information, but if you know whom to trust.

The first thing everybody is interested in is what Idviking.com has to offer. As I can see from the website, they are mostly specialized in printing US and Canada driver license. Please, bear in mind that the selection of US states and Canadian provinces is quite limited, but all photos of licenses look quite legit. The colors are close to originals and the all dimensions seem right. They sell university ID as well, and the selection of those is richer. You can easily reimagine yourself as the student of Albany or Denver University.

As for the products they have, it seems I gave you enough information. There is nothing special or extraordinarily exotic – just driver licenses and student IDs. Now I move to another important section of our review – Idviking.com website design and interface. I have to admit that everything looks pretty neat, comparing to the big number of other websites we have encountered while creating other reviews. It is easily one of the most convenient and comfortable fake ID websites on the Web. Of course, this is just a first impression. I cannot judge the quality of services by the way the package looks.

The home page invites you for a little tour where you can check out the photos of driver licenses and student IDs. You can click on each picture and get to the page, where you can see the UV photo and fill in the order form with all the necessary information, including attaching your photo and signature and adding it to your cart. As we said earlier, the navigation is plain and simple. The price section gives you the info about the cost of forging new ID. The guys offer a free duplicate for each ID and discounts for bulk orders (on order of more than 6 ID). There is the FAQ section and review section, where you can find only positive reviews. Of course, they include only positive reviews, it is obvious marketing strategy. It needs to be stated that Idviking.com is registered in TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd for “HiddenName”. It looks quite legit, but I needed the facts, so this is why I went through my own experienced and ordered a sample ID with the price tag about $75.

You can contact the team through the contact form and ask any question you want before you make order, and I have to admit that they were quite exhaustive in answering my questions. The response time was quite short, which prompted me to finally make the order. I negotiated the price and they offered 2 week shipment. Until this point, there was no problem. The guys accept only Bitcoin for the quite obvious reasons of anonymity. When the order finally arrived, I couldn’t hide the excitement about the purchase, but it vanished quickly as soon as I started to scrutiny the US driver license. The materials, from which the license was made is obviously cheap. I have sent the photo of not a great quality with the hope that their photoshop guy could improve it somehow. It looked worse than before. The signature was oversized and was not where it should be. The driver license colors look like that are about to fade. The printing is of really bad quality, honestly. I had the idea that I could made a better job. How have they existed for so long on the market with such quality is unknown to me. I really doubt that it could be scanned properly, because the barcode is a real mess. I could be easily busted anywhere and anytime as soon as I show the license to a police officer. Well, be careful with this company. May be they can do better. May be I have released bad batch, which they forget to get through their internal quality control system or whatever you name it. I do not know. But fact is fact. I spent money and got not what I expected.


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  1. This website is an absolute scam and all the positive reviews are complete lies. Sent in $75 through Bitcoin, never got a confirmation email from Idviking so I emailed them. I didn’t receive a reply so I emailed again 3 days later and still haven’t heard a thing from them. Don’t waste your time or money on Idviking.

  2. THEY ARE SCAMMERS! They took my money and never sent anything. I’m not the only victim. Go to their twitter page and see all the comments people have been leaving them @idviking. Save yourself $120. TRUST ME. I’m so pissed.

  3. Yep the goof mother fucker scammers got me too. I searched and searched for bad reviews and I couldn’t even find one and that’s why I ordered but they are complete scam 100%

  4. These guys are just crooks. Ordered and paid for IDs that never came. Contacted them several time and just got a runaround, You’d be better off just flushing your money down the toilet!

  5. I received mine but they look like garbage,no holo and color dont match. I would not recommand them
    Ps : ive got some quebec one

      1. bruh i literally just ordered mine , hoping for the best lol. my boyfriend got a group order from them like 2 years ago and it came within 1-2 weeks and he said him and his friends never had a problem with them , they still use it to this day


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