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Review – Fake ID Seller – Kingfakeid.Com

Freshmen in 2022 consider purchasing a fake ID to be a necessary element of adulthood. These documents can be a license to have fun without any restrictions based on age. Many of us can gain access to a world of freedom with the help of a fake ID. Sign up for a fake ID service right now if you want to have access to all of life’s best possibilities. 

When looking online for a site to buy a fake ID, I came across kingfakeid.com, which sells fake ID cards for multiple states in the USA. I decided to investigate the website and write a review.

Therefore, I will be offering a thorough review of kingfakeid.com, the most notable fake ID website in the USA and Europe. This will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of quality from the operator and whether or not the service is right for you. 

About Kingfakeid: An Overview

Kingfakeid is a company that has been in the market for fake IDs for twenty years, and it produces fake ID cards of consistently excellent quality. It provides responsive and attentive client service, as well as a short wait period for responses. In contrast to other websites that sell false identification cards, they are well known for being authentic with the whole process and have done so for several years. The company has been operating in this industry for a very long time and has built up quite a good name for itself.

The work that the company does is accurately reflected in its name, which is “King of Fake IDs.” Because of the significant impact that a company’s website can have on its reputation, Kingfakeid has worked hard to ensure that its site is user-friendly and simple to navigate. You should have no trouble finding any information you need.

Kingfakeid Website Interface

To place your order, you will be required to fill out a brief form, upload your photo and signature, and provide payment information. It even provides a few various payment choices for you to choose from so that you can simplify your life even further.

In addition, there is a brief segment in which all your questions will be addressed (the FAQs). They discuss nearly every issue that comes to mind on the topic. The website presents a very professional appearance and atmosphere all around.

Kingfakeid Features

Kingfakeid has put a lot of effort into building its reputation, and I found out that they offer the below features as per their website.


The Kingfakeid service offers a two-month warranty on each ID. (This excludes user damage or errors!)


All Kingfakeid’s fake ID cards can be scanned using holograms (UV). Additionally, they include a complimentary duplicate with every order.


The maximum shipment time with Kingfakeid is two days for express shipping, seven days for semi-express shipping, and 21 days for ordinary shipping. A tracking number is provided within 24 hours.

Free Delivery

Orders over $1,000 receive free shipping from Kingfakeid. They ship to 180 nations.

Kingfakeid Fake ID Sesign

Kingfakeid works hard to make its fake ID designs better every year. They offer the most comprehensive selection of legal fake identification cards that can be found elsewhere. There are eight different designs available, so there is a fake ID card that fits every purpose and every budget. Because their manufacturing processes are completely automated, they can print and mail your card on the same day that they receive payment

Kingfakeid uses highly developed methodologies and tools, such as the PDF417 and ScannR apps, to provide your ID the capacity to pass 1D and 2D barcode verification. Each ID is fixed by specialists using an in-line hologram. Credentials like Metallic Layering Insignia, or MLI, are used in the Kingfakeid approach. The most recent form of tactile printing employed in places like New York and Texas requires specific and rare printing techniques. They perfectly satisfy all forms of requests with their fake ID cards for sale online in the USA.

Three data tracks are present on the Hi/Co magnetic stripe. These data tracks are recoverable, depending on the card design you choose. A customer’s name, age, license number, date of issuance, date of expiration, and several additional pieces of customer-focused information can be recovered or scanned. 

Why Choose Kingfakeid?

The fact that Kingfakeid is available to users in every state in the USA, the UK, Europe, and Canada is the service’s most significant selling point. As a result, you can use its cards in the majority of North America. You won’t have to make separate trips to two different service providers and run the chance of receiving different levels of quality.

To provide the best fake driver’s license for sale in the USA, Kingfakeid selects laminates from reputable suppliers. The card stock and hologram overlays work best together. You don’t have to be concerned about problems like printed ink fading, which can be related to the sale of subpar false identification documents. Each USA state’s UV attributes are an identical replica of their “REAL” counterparts.

When I was looking over this website, I saw that it provides users with the opportunity to examine various dummy images that serve as samples. The transparency of it all was what impressed me the most. 

Kingfakeid’s standard rate of $150 across all states is quite reasonable in comparison to the prices offered by other websites, making it even another reason to go with this service.

The Kingfakeid Team

Kingfakeid has a team of professional, experienced, and skilled employees. These employees know how to duplicate ID elements in the same way as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) performs them, making them the go-to choice for fake IDs online in the USA, UK, and Europe.

Various state licenses are recreated by the site’s technicians. A dedicated team is entrusted with creating fake IDs.  For each nation or state, a different team of experts is tasked with producing a false driver’s license, fake ID, or fake passport. This is because creating fake IDs in different states requires the replication of specialized components that must be modified with extreme accuracy.

How to Place Order at Kingfakeid

Follow the below steps to place an order on the website.

  1. Add your preferred IDs to the shopping cart.
  2. Go to the checkout
  3. On the checkout page’s top, add your ID photo and signature.
  4. Enter your shipping information
  5. Add the ID-related information, such as the name, address, date of birth, height, weight, and hair and eye color, to the comment area.
  6. A quality photo is required to create the ideal fake ID or driver’s license; therefore, make sure it is 4X4 and of high quality.

What Payment Methods Does Kingfakeid Accept?

The following payment methods are accepted by Kingfakeid: Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal (Friends & Family). Your privacy will be protected at every step of the payment process, and they will never share or sell any of your information.

Kingfakeid Reviews

The following are some of the user reviews I came across related to Kingfakeid’s services:

“When it comes to buying false ID online, I highly recommend King Fake ID Shop. When I’ve shopped elsewhere, I have had to wait up to two weeks for a shipment of poor quality. After only three days from when I ordered with Kingfakeid, I had my package. Exceptional assistance in every way. Throughout the entire procedure, I was kept updated through email on the shipment’s whereabouts and progress. You can trust this dealer to provide you with high-quality fakes and excellent service. I was blown away by how good it was.” – Catherine Z

“Excellent service and a very professional attitude. We bought some IDs from King Fake and were told we needed to use a real email address to prove that we weren’t making any bogus requests. Quick and competent. I’d confidently suggest it to anyone” – Barbara Crunk

“The extra week of waiting was frustrating, but the high-quality ID made it worthwhile. Choose Kingfake ID, and you won’t be sorry” – Amanda301

“Wow! That’s the best fake ID I’ve ever seen. The turnaround time is also significantly shorter than for Chinese IDs. Kingfakeid Gets a perfect 10 from me!” –  Nick K.


I searched for unbiased comments and feedback on Kingfakeid and their work, but I was unable to find any credible reviews or entries. The issue here is that the majority of customers who purchase excellent fake IDs do not leave reviews; instead, they blissfully forget to submit comments and, at best, share them only with their friends. 

Meanwhile, if a customer experienced any issues with the service, they would flood every forum with negative reviews. We haven’t discovered any for Kingfakeid, possibly because the website only has a few clients or does not allow negative comments (censures them).

Based on what I have read and found via my research, Kingfakeid appears to be a genuine site that provides high-quality services. Therefore, ordering one of their false IDs is the only trustworthy way to assess Kingfakeid’s efficiency and the quality of their items.


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