id-chief.com fake id review.

Hey there! Welcome to our review of the site https://id-chief.com

Buying fake IDs is becoming more and more popular with the young people who pretend to be much more mature and would like to participate in the night life, go to the clubs and pubs and buy alcohol without any problems. There are lots of services which provide printing fake IDs and selling them on the internet. We have received so many requests to examine the site https://id-chief.com/, so we will give you a great feedback regarding it. It is quite popular on Reddit, so we decided to look at it. We will check the service, the price, its delivery and give you a piece of advice for buying a fake ID.

We begin with visiting id-chief.com. At the first glimpse we realizes that the site looks nice, very simple navigation is the first advantage of https://id-chief.com/. They offer a wide range of IDs, you are able to order almost all states fake ID. There are even some client’s feedbacks but they look so distrustfully. They were too good to be true, but we haven’t made any conclusion yet, we have to examine it properly and only after we will be ready to draw an inference.

We have found many reviews about this site. I was puzzled while reading them, because some of them seemed to me fake ones. They looked the same, and all of those fake ones tell that the site works perfectly, the service and the IDs are of great quality and the people would recommend https://id-chief.com/ to friends. And there were other reviews where people complained as they expect much more from this site and they were disappointed. We found no negative feedback on https://id-chief.com/, so we can say that they moderate all reviews and do not show negative ones. Not fair in my opinion.

About the price. The fake ID costs higher than other sites offer. It is about 125 dollars per 1 ID. We hope that the higher the price the better quality will be. So let’s check it.

We registered easily and confirmed our e-mail. We decided to order one of the most popular fake state North Carolina ID. So what do you think happened? The system didn’t let me to make the order, we tried to do it several times, but without any results! We wrote to the support team and thought to receive a quick answer. But our expectations broke when we got no answer for two days!! Frankly speaking I don’t know how they still exist with such kind of “speedy” service. Nevertheless, we got the answer in two days and a support manger informed us that the fake state NY ID was only available at that moment! What a nonsense! We had an idea to finish our investigation, because at the first step we faced with so many disadvantages. But then we decided to continue, we were interested what kind of ID we would get at the end.

So we agreed to buy fake state NY ID and paid for it by Western Union 125 dollars + commission for the transaction. We have chosen an express delivery (3-4 days). It costs us more money but we wish to get this ID as soon as possible.

Four days left but we didn’t get our parcel. We wrote to a support team and still we didn’t receive any answer. Six days left and the girl from the support team answered that our ID on its way to our city and we had to wait one more day. She sounded polite and that was kind.

We got the parcel in 12 days. It is a very long period and the site doesn’t meet the deadline. It’s a pity. We get a simple white letter. Inside there were lots of papers, our ID was wrapped in them. The fake ID was not of perfect quality, it was readable and looked like the real one. We compared it with the real fake ID of state NY and the difference was obvious. The quality of the material was poor and the ink wasn’t the same. You can use this fake ID but for sure not in state NY! Only in the neighboring states where people don’t know how the real state NY ID looks like.

To sum up we could say that the service https://id-chief.com/ didn’t satisfy our expectations. It has a long delivery, the quality of the material of fake ID is poor and moreover everything costs too much money! So before ordering a fake ID on https://id-chief.com/  weigh the pros and cons.

Wish you all the best and good luck ☺


8 thoughts on “id-chief.com

  1. I am so glad you are finally posting what a sham/scam the website legitfakeid is. They literally took my money, will not respond to any emails, and I have received nothing … and it has been WELL OVER A MONTH.
    Please advise everyone to not send them any money. Please save your money and use a website that is legitimate. I am incredibly disappointed in this website, the people who manage it, and them for continuously posting positive reviews about themselves knowing they are just scammers. Please spread the word about how LegitFakeID is not legit!

    1. I order one. It never came. They ripped me off. If anyone has their address I need it so I can go to their place and beat the living shit out of everyone in there. No joke!

      1. i think they live in san jose, they scammed me too . i was looking at my account which i used to pay for it and the zip code is for san jose. go fuck them up im so mad. i needed the fake so fucking badly for a music festival and they jipped me them motherfuckers

  2. I ordered (WITH EXPRESS DELIVERY) and paid 200 dollars via Bitcoin. Upon placing my order I recieved a confirmation email and that’s the last I heard from them. I’ve emailed countless times and never received a reply. Please do not send your hard earned money to these people. It is a scam and you will feel just as dumb as I do!

  3. Wowwww. I just wasted 125$ your kidding me I saw a website with good reviews so I placed the order now I don’t know what to do. Does anyone know a legit fake ID place.

  4. i recently tired them out sure enough its a scam legitfakeid.com is fake all their reviews are fake Dont waste your time or money……………… LEGITFAKEID.COM BIG SCAM DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Scammers., worse is they scammed the wrong people. They payment they processed was traced by Law Enforcement. They have ripped off several people that I have spoken to including myself. They need to be shut down.


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