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MyFakeID.biz: Is It a Legit Fake ID Seller?

There’s a huge underground market for fake IDs. Most people just want one for rather harmless purposes, as a fun souvenir. Others intend to use them to get access to bars and clubs when they are underage. 

Because of the huge demand for this, there are countless fake ID sellers out there. A quick Google search will generate ads and results for sellers all over the world. 

With a little scrolling, I was able to find MyFakeID.biz. According to their About Us page, they’ve been making fake ID cards for more than seven years. And before changing to their .biz domain extension, they carried a .co.uk domain for two years.

Currently, they sell novelty driving licenses, Irish driving permits, European driving permits, Provisional motorcycle permits, national identity cards, student cards, and international age cards with free delivery to anyone in the world. Learn more about MyFakeID.biz by reading the rest of the post.

The Website

With a color palette of red, white, and gray, I like the simplicity of the design. On the left panel, you can immediately see all their products. So, if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can move on to another seller.

Meanwhile, customers waiting for their order can just type in their tracking number to see how close the order is to their address. They also boast about having UV light-sensitive patterns in their IDs, which they claim to be printed using the most advanced printers on the market. This is what they say gives the document its clean and crisp look.

I navigated the site a little more. The FAQ section is very comprehensive, and I didn’t have any questions after reading through it.

Everything looked right, except for the buy buttons for their special deals. It would’ve been great if I could click them to reserve my order. Don’t forget to check out the website footer! There are hidden gems that you surely won’t want to miss.

Granted, it’s not nearly as organized or well-written as websites going for a hard sell. But still, I like that all the information is actually there on the homepage. The huge picture of one of their fake IDs gives you an idea of what you’ll get when you order with them.

And with a quick scroll, you’d see the deals that they’re offering right now. The web design and copy may be a little lacking by e-commerce standards, but I like that they sell to you simply by putting everything on the table. This can really grab attention since scams abound in this industry.

myfakeid.biz products

General Information About the Site MyFakeID.biz

Below, you’ll find out a little more about the site. Unfortunately, a lot of the information has been redacted for privacy. 

Website Registration

Based on these dates, MyFakeID.biz has been around for a long time. And because they extended their registration for another ten years, you can see there’s a clear indication that they intend to remain in business.

Expires On2032-05-27
Registered On2011-05-28
Updated On2022-06-04

Registrar Information

The information below tells us that the website is hosted by Mesh Digital Limited, one of the upstream partners of various resellers who focus more on marketing efforts. The reseller or referrer, in this case is Domain Box.

NameMesh Digital Limited
Referral URLwww.domainbox.com

Registrar Data

No site will yield this information because, as we’ve mentioned, a lot of the information has been redacted for privacy. What actually appeared in searches was ‘markagarIT.’ The only other non-redacted information is Bedfordshire, Great Britain.

Through a quick Google search, I found the full address of a “Mark Agar IT,” with IT being his field of occupation, on an obscure site. It also showed there that he’s the director of Cool Media Solutions LTD.

To clarify, I’m only going by the information that I could find online. Whether or not any of this is accurate, we leave it to you to judge.

OrganizationMark Agar IT
Location27 The Belfry, Bushmead, Bedfordshire, Great Britain, United Kingdom LU2 7GA

What I’ve Found Out About the Site

Even though the website basically has complete information on everything that you want to know, I was still curious about how truthful they were about what was written there. That’s why I scoured the internet for reviews on public and private forums to see what people really think about MyFakeID.biz. Here’s what I found:

They Accept Both Crypto and Cash

If you find it a little odd that they don’t accept the more conventional payment methods like credit cards and PayPal, you’re probably not the only one. But what you have to understand is that anonymity is a huge thing when it comes to getting fake IDs. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to trace the transaction back to you. 

For now, they accept payments sent via Bitcoin and Western Union. This way, you’re sure that you’ll get your order without anyone knowing about it. Except for you, of course! The downside, however, is that it can be hard to get a refund, as such transactions are non-reversible.

They Don’t Condone Using Fake IDs

Fake IDs come with the stigma of being used for illicit purposes. But for them, they’re nothing more than just a little fun. Perhaps something like changing your name to a funny alliteration or an embarrassing childhood nickname?

If they believe you’re going to use the purchased IDs for anything illegal, they claim the right to cancel your order. Apart from having fun with friends or joking with strangers to pretend you’re way younger than you look, they don’t recommend going any further… even though their creations look so real, based on pictures!

They’ll Ask for Your Personal Details

If you want to order, you’ll need to provide all the information you want on the card. Reviewers warned clients to keep their real ID numbers private to avoid security breaches. But if you’re going to put fake details, the information you give shouldn’t concern you.

Be prepared to provide a picture. You can send them a physical or digital copy of a passport photo with a white background. They’ll work with whatever you provide, but a low-quality picture will yield low-quality results. 

Reviewing Existing Reviews: What Are People’s First-Hand Experience with this Seller?

If I were the one looking for a fake ID, I’d definitely be nervous about transacting with this site. Although there are a handful of good reviews that you’ll find scattered all over the internet, the general opinion is very negative. One review on Reddit praised the site creators for providing a great service, but others were quick to rebut and say that it’s a scam.

But is it really a scam? Or perhaps people are just less likely to report a positive experience? I tried to assess the situation objectively. Reviews nowadays are often used as a kind of retaliation against a business. That’s why people tend to write in detail about negative experiences.

In the end, I can only suggest a couple of ways in which you can put the reviews into context. You’ll still be the judge as to whether this is worth taking a chance on.

On the site Complaints Board alone, most of the complaints have never been resolved. As of writing, only 10 out of 26 original complainants ended up being happy with the resolution to their concerns. From all the reviews we’ve read on this site and others, I was able to group the reviews into two recurring themes:

Have Not Received Their Order

For those who didn’t receive their order, they said that MyFakeID.biz is not responsive to inquiries about tracking numbers. Some report that they don’t respond at all despite multiple emails. They claim to have waited for the published delivery time on the site to no avail.

A representative of the seller responded to some of these reviews, claiming that these reviewers never ordered from them. They also asked for the order number so that they could help them with tracking.

Poor Order Quality

According to some reviewers, the quality of the IDs doesn’t match the originals. The most common complaint is the hologram feature.

Unfortunately, no representative was able to answer back to these allegations. But even if there are certain accuracy problems, officially, the site only sells novelty IDs.

Therefore, they’re only responsible for creating IDs that would reasonably look like the real thing. They’re not required to give you one that’s a hundred percent accurate and would pass the strictest inspections.

Should You Try Out MyFakeID.biz?

Given the overwhelmingly negative reviews of the site, we advise you to think strongly about it before proceeding with a transaction. As we’ve mentioned, some of the issues have been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction. This is a good indication that the company is real.

But how good is this company at handling its operations? The reviews are very telling. Even if they’re not a scam, there are so many options out there.

Have you ever bought an ID from them? Tell us all about your experience in the comments section below.


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