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Premium Fake IDs doesn’t look like a reliable fake ID company from the first sight. To prove that right (or wrong) we have thoroughly examined its website and services, making an unbiased and complete review for you. When you read it through, you will know if it is a good idea to order your fake id from Premium Fake IDs. We have checked the domain history and tried to order an ID from that company, to compare it to the real one and see, if it would work. We have also assessed the availability of its services and the payment methods.

So, what do we see on the Premium Fake IDs website? A guy in the stars and stripes pants, with a carbine and booze. Doesn’t look reliable, but at least it’s funny. Unlike the slider, that does not work, so we cannot check the other two pictures. Okay, let’s scroll it down and see the main menu. By the way, the website has just two pages or so: the landing is damn huge, and the menu just makes your browser jump to a certain part of that page. The other page is the Photo Guide (guys, you should see it!). All right. There is not much information on the landing page, but they have a picture with big tits on it, so we’ll rate it high… oh, wait, we’re rating a fake ID website. Then, no, we won’t.

They suggest looking for help under the /hesk url on their website… but we got redirected to captcha and then to some adult website, what the heck? That wasn’t funny at all. Do we have to admit that Premium Fake IDs is a scam? Not yet. Perhaps, we give it another chance. Though this is very suspicious.

From the info on the landing page, we see that Premium Fake IDs only accept Bitcoin (that is wise). The cryptocurrency is anonymous and secure, so you won’t have any problems with the law.

In case you want to order a fake ID from this website, you have to look for a link somewhere on the landing page. It redirects you to some hidden /order page, which states that if you want a fake ID, you should order it on some fakeid.chat website. What the hell, again? This is fucking scam, guys, seriously. It seems that the Premium Fake ID is a fake website of a fake company, that redirect you to some trash websites and offers paying for that? Hell no.

We have looked for some other reviews for Premium Fake Ids, and guess what? We haven’t found any. It’s obvious that this website is some kind of forgery or scam, trying to steal your money. Then we have checked the domain and found out, that “hiddenname” has registered it via Joker.com in 2014. Pretty much explains everything.

Nevertheless, we were willing to risk our $100 to prove it for you. We have registered an account on that .chat website, placed an order (even the form wasn’t displaying correctly), and paid with Bitcoin (goodbye, 0.035!). Then we leaned back and waited. A week, another week, then another week… We haven’t received any sign of that our order was processed or even received by the company (if there is a company). We haven’t received any tracking numbers, anything at all to our e-mail. Our Bitcoin has just disappeared. There is still no sign of Premium Fake IDs, and no way to contact them: the link they have provided for contact, redirects to some xxx website.

The result is a little predictable. Premium Fake IDs appears to be a scam website that steals your money and never gives anything in return. They are impudent enough to scoff at its users providing insecure trash links instead of real contacts. Our verdict: Premium Fake IDs is SCAM!

Premium Fake IDs is a good example and good experience — you should never trust anyone, trying to buy a fake ID online. In this sensitive business, only a company with a reputation proved by years of successful work and hundreds of real customers’ reviews is worth your trust. Never order anything from a company you have never heard about before, and always check the website and contact information prior to placing an order. At least, ask your friends, if they know any company that really makes good IDs, and try ordering from it, not from some no-name one-day Chinese websites.


6 thoughts on “premiumfakes.com

  1. No way I’m ordering an ID from Scannablefakeids ever again! I’ve also told my friends to stay away from their services. It’s very convenient for Scannablefakeids to ignore any refund demands, because they ship shit, lol! I’ve paid real money, and got a silly fake ID: bar codes do not scan, they’re just random set of stripes.

  2. I’ve seen a couple of good fake IDs, but the one I’ve got from Scannablefakeids is not even close to that. The holograms are placed incorrectly, the raised font is missing, and the material doesn’t feel like real Teslin. They seem to use some cheap replacement, which is unreasonable in a fake ID for $120. I’ll try looking for a more reliable producer, perhaps.

  3. Fake as shit. Don’t trust them. In my own experience the only place to buy genuine fake IDs is from already21. Apparently they know what they are doing and the best in the market


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