If you want to purchase high-quality novelty IDs, you might come across the Topfakeid.com website. It is rather popular and it might produce a good impression on you at first sight. However, many users who have tried to order ID cards here complain of this business. They claim that they have never received any IDs or received ones of very low quality. But at the same time, you might find positive reviews about this site. Read this article to get to know the truth and find the answer to the question “Is Topfakeid legit or not?”.

What Is Topfakeid?

It’s a fake ID website where you can purchase a high-quality fake identification card or driver’s license, with a free duplicate and at a reasonable price. The platform accepts individual and group orders and allows its clients to choose express or standard shipping. To pay for your documents, you’ll need to purchase a Google or Amazon gift card. Below, we’ll analyze all the aspects of this fake ID website in detail.

Which Types of Fake Documents Can You Order?

On Top Fake ID, you can purchase nearly any state ID: Texas ID, Massachusetts ID, Montana IDs and so on. Also, you can buy a drivers license here. You can find the full list of available documents in the Shop section of the site.

How to Place a Fake ID Order?

The ordering process is rather simple and straightforward.

  1. Open the Shop section to check the template selection.
  2. Choose the necessary fake ID type and push the Order Now button.
  3. Read exhaustive information about the document, make sure it will look like a real ID and press the Order Now button once again.
  4. Fill in a short form, specifying the type of fake ID (single or group), state, type of shipping and payment method. The page will show you brief instructions for each payment option. Then, click Next.

In the form, you’ll need to specify the following information: your email, type of document, state, your full name (not the real one but the one that you want to place on the document), your address (again, not necessarily your real one), the number of the document, its issuing date, your gender, height, weight, hair and eye color, date of birth and extra details.

Also, you should upload your portrait photo and a photo of your signature. Indicate your shipping address, insert payment details and press Submit.

You don’t need to fill in all the forms. If you lack the time or if details don’t matter too much for you, the provider will generate random private data for you. In this case, you’ll have to fill in only the following fields.

  • Email
  • Type of document
  • State
  • Name
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Shipping address
  • Payment details

Mind that this provider won’t automatically generate a custom signature for you. Many of its competitors generate fake signatures for free — but this one doesn’t. Probably, this is one of the tricks that the company uses to show how seriously it treats its job.

After you submit your order, it should allegedly receive a tracking number. In a few days or weeks, you should receive your IDs and free duplicates.

But in fact, you won’t receive anything! Topfakeid asks people to send money to them — and gives nothing in exchange.

If you’re lucky enough, you might receive documents of extremely poor quality. Security guards of most bars and nightclubs will only laugh at them!

What If the Template for a Certain Document Changes?

Topfakeid claims that they follow all the news and updates of their sphere. If there is a new template for some state ID, the client should receive a valid document and not an outdated one. That might sound encouraging — but this is not always true.

Is It Possible to Order Multiple IDs from Different States?

Yes. Each person from your group order can select his or her state. When filling in the order form, you should scroll down the list of states and select “Different States”, which is the last option. You’ll be able to select different fake IDs for each individual in the next step.

How Does Topfakeid Prove the Sheer Quality of Their Fake Documents?

The provider claims that all the fake documents that it manufactures are real ID compliant. The company allegedly has two teams: the first one makes the IDs and the second one is in charge of quality control.

All the state IDs have the necessary scannable features and security elements, such as a mini ghost photo or variable ink. They can easily pass the UV light test and any other type of test.

At least, this is what the administration of the site says. Some users might disagree with it.

What’s the Price of a Fake ID?

Unlike many other websites of the counterfeit industry, Top Fake ID doesn’t offer discounts too frequently. Creating a fake document that looks like a real ID is a rather daunting task, so it’s only logical that the customer should pay a fair price for it.

When you open the Shop page, you’ll see that a fake ID might cost from $100 to $130, depending on the state. To get to know about group order discounts, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper.

Are There Discounts for Group Orders?

Yes, as was said above. If you place a group order, you might get a special price. The exact sum of the discount depends on how many fake IDs you need and of which type. The discount will be automatically deducted from your total based on the number of IDs you purchase.

Which Payment Options Does FakeID Accept?

The site accepts the following payment options:

  • Google Play gift cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Bitcoin

Just like all the professional fake ID providers, this one doesn’t accept PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union for confidentiality reasons.

However, in the FAQ section, it says that you might indirectly use your debit or credit card, PayPal or bank account. If you would like to ask how exactly you might use a credit card, you should get in touch with the support team.

If you’re planning to use an Amazon card, you should purchase it in person and in the US. If you prefer Google cards, you can buy them either physically (in a grocery or gas store) or online (using Paypal or a credit/debit card).

The maximum sum that you can load to your Amazon or Google card is 500 USD. The maximum sum of a Google e-code is 100 USD. If the total of your order exceeds these limits, you can use several cards or codes.

What Are the Shipping Terms?

The Topfakeid team proudly states that they always deliver orders on time. When you visit their site, you might see a piece of news in the lower part of the page. It would say “No delays! Such and such a batch of fake IDs was successfully shipped…”.

The team accentuates that their delivery timeframes are highly realistic. They never promise to deliver the package in just 1-2 days. Allegedly, they always meet the deadlines and their clients don’t need to ask them about the whereabouts of their orders.

Which Shipping Companies Can You Choose From?

Top Fake ID relies on the services of the following shipping companies:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • USPS

No alternatives are available so far. But you might discuss the opportunity of using P.O Boxes. DHL express is the most popular option for rush shipping, while FedEx and USPS are mostly used for standard deliveries

How Long Does Standard Shipping Take?

If you opt for standard shipping, it should take from 8 to 10 days. That’s quick because many other providers make their clients wait for 2 or even 3 weeks.

At this point, some people might start to ask questions. Why does this company deliver orders quicker than anyone else if they rely on the same delivery services as everyone else?

Alas, too many users like the idea of fast delivery too much. Instead of thinking critically, they transfer money to Topfakeid and lose these funds forever.

Is Fast Delivery Available?

The express shipping add-on costs an extra $75. If you choose this option, you might get your order in 2-6 days. The Topfakeid team will allegedly start to process your order as soon as they receive your payment. They will be working as promptly as they can. With this type of shipping, you’ll be able to use the services of either DHL or USPS.

Well, at least this is what the administration says. In reality, they’ll just steal more money from your pocket.

Which Options Are Available for International Shipping?

International clients can use only the DHL services and only rush shipping. Standard delivery is not available for this type of order.

Where Do They Ship Fake IDs from?

The current locations where Topfakeid manufactures their IDs include:

  • India
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Iceland

Over time, the list of countries might change. For instance, when China-US relations escalate, the company relies mostly on South Korea. It has to do so because Chinese packages are going through heavy scrutiny by US customs.

How Can You Get in Touch with the Topfakeid Team?

When you open the Contact page, you find a fill-in form where you can leave your query. You indicate your first and last name, email, contact subject and full message and push the Submit button. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get a response to your email.

Please mind that iCloud.com, yahoo.com and hotmail.com block incoming messages from Topfakeid. To be able to receive a response, you should use gmail.com — but even in this case, the message might end up in the Spam folder.

The support team promises to process clients’ queries 24/7. And they might do so indeed — until you transfer funds to them. They might be sweet and gentle and very customer-oriented. But as soon as the administration of the platform receives your payment, you won’t hear a word from them anymore.

Plus, there is one more detail that we should mention. When you scroll the Contacts page down, you’ll discover the Topfakeid location: 709 Honey Creek Dr., California City 10028. That looks a bit suspicious. Why should a fake ID business reveal its postal address? Many competitors prefer to keep their locations secret.

Also, it’s a bit unusual that the company indicated its working hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Monday – Sunday. But anyway, all these details don’t look like telltale signs of a scam.

Why Makes This Fake ID Maker Look So Credible?

The team behind this scam project obviously has extensive experience on the black market. They understand very well how counterfeit business functions and what clients expect from it. They have created a user friendly site with a nice design and filled it in with relevant content. Their site looks just as professional and modern as its more reputable competitors.

Some scam projects make unrealistic promises to their potential clients. They offer incredibly low prices and don’t ask users to fill in detailed forms. They avoid overloading their sites with information, don’t give exhaustive descriptions of their products and don’t provide video reviews. Users might guess at first sight that something is wrong.

But Topfakeid has chosen a completely different path. Their support members will be even ready to talk to you (until you send money to them). They seem to stay down to earth — and that’s why they manage to deceive people so efficiently.

The Truth About Topfakeid Reviews

When you check the reviews page on the Topfakeid official site, you’ll see that customers seem to be happy with this provider. But if you search for reviews on third-party resources, you’ll see that many people accuse this company of being a scam. Let’s compare positive and negative opinions about the provider.

The Essence of the Positive Reviews

The authors of reviews that are published on the provider’s official site would write something like “Topfakeid nails it!”, “Great job!” or “You guys rock it!”. They would state “It’s the only fake ID website that can make a real ID with exceptionally detailed security features”.

When you watch video reviews on the same site, you’ll see that the IDs easily pass the bend test and scan tests. You can check how the documents look from different angles — and you’ll appreciate the professionalism of the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, all these accolades are fake. They were planted by the TopfakeId employees. And if you’ll be lucky enough to receive your order, you shouldn’t expect to get the same quality as on the site.

The Content Negative Reviews

On third-party platforms, impartial customers rate Topfakeid with just one star by all parameters: service, value, shipping, returns and quality. Different people might have very different experiences with this company — but all of them are negative.

These are just a few examples of reviews that the members of the Fake ID community tend to leave. These are not the exact quotes but the basic essence.

  • “The good thing is that you’ll be likely to get exactly what you ordered, be it a driver’s license or a fake ID of a certain state. But these documents won’t look real at all! The manufacturer uses low-quality paper and poor lamination”.
  • “It’s impossible to contact the support staff. I never got any package and they never replied to me”.
  • “After I paid for my order, I didn’t even receive a tracking number. I got no confirmation and no shipping update. No matter how much I tried, there was radio silence!”.
  • “When I contacted the team for the first time, they were sugar-coated and great in communication. Nevertheless, they tried to make me pay double. They said that the prices on the site were too old and they had updated their rates. They stated that there would be “no guarantee” if I paid for their services at lower rates. So I changed my mind and didn’t place my order”.

As you see, Topfakeid is an entirely unreliable company. To save you time, money and nerves, you shouldn’t ever try to use its services.

Why Does Topfakeid Keep on Functioning?

There are no mechanisms on the fake ID market that could quickly lead to the permanent closure of untrustworthy platforms. The team behind this scam project knows how to use psychological tricks.

These crooks realize that many people need fake IDs in a hurry. Users might feel stressed and even guilty, especially if they use this type of service for the first time. They might have no time to read impartial reviews about fake ID websites and they keep sending money to a scam.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and helped you to realize that Topfakeid is one of the worst fake ID websites you might come across. At first, this platform looks credible and professional. You fill in the order form, you buy a Google Play gift card or an Amazon gift card to pay for your purchase and you transfer funds to the provider. You expect to receive a fake ID and its free clone on time — but you get nothing! Your money just goes down the drain… The good news is that there are dozens of reliable fake ID vendors on the market today. If you want a top-notch novelty ID or a driving license that looks 100% like a real license, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find other vendors whom you can trust.


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  1. WARNING! Topfakeid.com is a scam website. All the reviews here are fake. After reading the reviews I placed an order and I was supposed to receive a tracking number withing 48hrs and nothing came, a week later I was sending them messages on their contact page from their website which sends an automated acknowledgement email to me. I sent 8 messages and nothing. I also contacted the email on their contact page which came back as a bad email. They request Bitcoin payment so you will have no recourse. This is a real review. The proof will be for you to try to reach out to them from the email on their website and you will get no response.

    1. Same . It’s ridiculous. I have emailed over 20 times . I don’t know how people can do this . Do not use them.

  2. Topfakeid. Com are scammers! Didn’t answer my emails after sending a Bitcoin payment! Don’t be fooled by their professional looking website!


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