There are many sites offering services for the manufacture and sale of fake ids. Almost all modern students have a fake id, and someone even has 2 or 3. This is not a luxury, it’s a common thing. Many students buy fake ids on the Internet, because it is fast, convenient and reliable. And of course, each of the buyers wants to get the perfect fake of good quality to use it in all places without hesitation. Many sites sell fake ids of disgusting quality, and some sites provide good fakes at affordable prices. Today we are going to look at the site www.ufakeids.com which sells fake ids. Many students send us requests to give comments about this site. It is popular on the Internet and we want to analyze it in detail. We will examine the site itself; we will make an order for a fake id and then study the received fake id in detail.

At first we had a look at their site www.ufakeids.com. There wasn’t a lot of information on the first page: some usual claims that they make fakes of the best quality, they organize the shipment and that they have good prices. Also we had a look at their feedbacks and we found them so suspicious and unreliable. The site itself is quite easy; all visitors can use a simple navigation and find what they want. If you are going to place the order you have to register, be ready to write down your e-mail and some contact information. We registered easily and started making an order.

We also decided to check the domain history of the site www.ufakeids.com. We got to know that the site was registered in 2016 as www.netearthone.com.  Now it has another owner (we don’t know his name, because it is hidden). So we made a conclusion that it is a new site, that’s why there are few reviews and feedbacks about it. We tried to find some reviews on www.ufakeids.com but there weren’t any reliable. You know that if you get a good quality ID you won’t write lots of feedbacks and describe how good the site is. You will forget about it and will enjoy going to pubs and clubs with your fake ID. But if you receive the fake of poor quality, you will definitely share your negative experience with all people and warn them to be careful when ordering a fake to the site. We didn’t find negative feedbacks, just a couple, nevertheless there were a few positive reviews which we found quiet ambiguous and fake. I think they just delete negative feedbacks or moderate them. Because it is impossible to have only positive reviews.

Unfortunately, the site offered only 4 states to choose. Very poor choice. So we decided to order a fake state Florida ID. By the way the price was not high. It was 90 $ per one ID. It is quiet cheap in comparison with other services. We placed the order and paid by bitcoins. The way of payment was acceptable and easy for us. So we began waiting till the fake ID would come to us. We got a confirmation where we read that our parcel would arrive in 9 days. The period of delivery is ok, it was not long. But in fact our shipment came in 17 days! Twice longer than it must be. That fact upset us, they must work at the delivery service and make it faster.

In 17 days we received a fake ID in an envelope. We hoped that they would provide more safety delivery. This small white envelope looked awful. It seemed to us that it visited all states on its way to our address. When we opened it we were really disappointed. All holograms were of poor quality; the UV ink was blurry. Maybe it would be possible to use this fake state Florida ID, but if I were the owner of such ID I would throw it to the rubbish bin and was very upset wasting so much money. We compared that fake ID with a real one of state Florida. The difference was great! The fake one looked completely different, it didn’t coincide with the real ID. For sure you may use your fake in other states where people don’t know how state Florida ID looks like, but with the fake ID of the site www.ufakeids.com every bartender or a bouncer will distinguish the fake. So www.ufakeids.com completely disappointed us. We don’t recommend you to buy any fake IDs on this site because you will get a poor quality fake in more than two weeks. We hope that they would improve their delivery service and would provide fakes of better quality. Maybe they would be more expensive than they are now, but as I think it’s better to pay more and get a great fake, than to “save”

your money and receive a fake which will go to a rubbish bin.

Thank you for reading our review, we hope it will be useful for you. Good luck and all the best!



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