Lets talk a little bit about http://www.buyjiazhao.com. There are tons of different websites, that offer fake IDs and this is pretty difficult to decide what is worth of your money and attention. We have noticed some impressive amount of activity from those guys and have seen some good and not really good reviews about buyjiazhao.com, and we have decided to give it a try and learn what they actually offer. We are speaking about the quality they provide and the time they spend to produce new fake ID from scratch.

www.buyjiazhao.com list of products is pretty impressive. Just look it up for yourself and be surprised at the variety of IDs here. They do not limit their product line to a couple of states or even countries. They offer you US, Canadian, British, Australian and even Russian driver licenses. We see here IDs of several Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea and China. Again, this is quite an exhaustive list of the fake documents they can create from scratch.

The website itself looks pretty simple. They give you information about the countries they make fake IDs for, few photos and the contact page, where you get the possibility to reach the guys through skype, wechat and email([email protected]). The website is pretty basic-looking, without something really special in its design. It looks like it was made in the kitchen room with the laptop on creator’s knees. There is nothing criminal about plain website, but the good looks always made first impression, and this impression is blurred. There is no option for creating your profile, no cart and no FAQ what so ever. The main question is what payment option do they prefer and why there is not a single word about it on the website? But we cover this later in our review. It is also should be mentioned that http://www.buyjiazhao.com is registered in HiChina Zhicheng Technology for “HiddenName”. So, it has been around for some time on the market and should have already earned the devoted customer base. It is not enough for us to see the reviews, which are predominantly negative or neutral. This looks quite suspicious at the first glance. This is what prompted us for further investigation, so to say.

Ok, as we have mentioned above, the only way to make an order is to reach the owners of the website through email or skype. You can use wechat as well, which is the most popular messenger in China and other Asian countries. They usually prefer Wester Union as the payment option, which was quite ok for us, but again this payment system is not that trustworthy as bitcoin. The guys are not that fast in terms of getting back to our requests, which is, without saying a lot, presents them not in a good light. We ordered NY state ID, which cost us roughly $100 and waited with our fingers crossed. At first, they promised to deliver the ID in two and a half weeks, but we had to wait for one additional week. The company, if you can call the team behind a so-so website a company, claimed that they had some national holidays and this was the main reason behind the delay. It is great that we are testing those guys and not ordering ID for some specific occasion, because they do observe the initial deadlines. We all know that one should order the fake ID beforehand in case some emergency appear, but it is always good to know that your back is covered and the deadlines are met successfully.

Finally, we received our test NY ID and started to check it with every possible angle. The first impression – is the color of the ink is not authentic. It looks like ID was printed on the cheapest printer they could get in these circumstances. The ID material is far from being PVC. It reminds more of a cardboard. The photo is dark and we don’t even start speaking of holograms. In fact, there are no holograms at all, unlike on the videos they have on their website. The IDs on the website look quite legit. To sum it up – the thrust level of this site is very low. The bottom line – you should never order ID from those guys. Of course, you can always claim refund, but remember – the payment option is not a paypal. You cannot dispute your order or blame the company. There is no one to blame except for you. Be careful in choosing your perfect fake ID provider.


6 thoughts on “www.buyjiazhao.com

  1. buyjiazhao is a scam. do not trust any other reviews like i did. i based my decision to purchase an id from them off of this website but it was a total scam. i spent $90 and did not receive the fake, nor did i get any emails back from them.

    1. Can you provide some stronger evidence to prove buyjiazhao.com is a scam? Such as chatting records , transaction record with them and so on.

  2. Hi there,

    Great site. I’m in Ontario and haven’t seen much by way of any decent CDN sites, could you let me know of any reliable ones please . Thanks.

  3. buyjiazhao.com is a great website, the people are friendly, the ID looked great, they are super patient and it arrived in almost half the time it was said to. Super realistic, would definitely recommend


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