There are big number of fake document manufacturers on the internet and it is a pain in the neck choosing the right one. You can see all kinds of websites of so-so quality and top-notch, and it is really baffling thing to make the right decision. There are website from the low league, which offer fake documents for cheap price and there are totally different players on the market. https://www.buypassportsfake.cc/ are one of those players, whose products ranges from IDs, driver licenses to passports. Let me take a closer look and find out whether this company really worth of your attention and money.

If you look it up for yourself, there is big number of controversial reviews, which means that you can barely trust this company, but they offer quite interesting things and I could not pass by. Any anonymous user can write scathing reviews, and even the most reputable online sellers have been accused of being scammers, so I usually do not jump to any conclusions, considering the fact that it takes little time and effort to write negative review. Do not forget about paid bad publicity. Some people write negative reviews intentionally for reward.

But let us not continue bragging about bad reviews and check what buypassportsfake.cc have to offer. Unlike many fake ID sellers, those guys offer wide range of documents – from passports to driver licenses of different countries. There are different photos of those documents, and I must say they look quite convincing. It is not clear though if the photos are original or fake. It is really hard to tell, unless you make an actual order, which I did and I will tell you about this disastrous outcome.

The buypassportsfake.cc website is registered in BIZCN.COM by “HiddenName”. You can find this information on any verification website on the Web. Something told me that SCAMMERS is written all over this place, but I should not spoil the review, right? Not before moving to the website analysis and describing the quality of design and everything else you can encounter while searching for the necessary information on this website. Let us, begin, shall we? The website is the most integral part of forming personal opinion, thought a very flawed one.

The website is definitely cheap-looking, but with all the necessary information. You can easily find the sample pictures of Canadian, Belgium, British, German and other passports and you can see driver license samples as well. The FQA page explains the payment options, which are Bitcoin, WU and MoneyGram. They obviously cannot accept Visa or any other cards due to the specifics of their activity. Their services are quite expensive. But you can easily negotiate the best price you want. I ordered US driver license, though they offer it only in the package with passport. I negotiated this for $100 too aaaaaaaand… got nothing instead. After I paid the said amount and they sent me the photos of samples, so I could verify the information and get overall impression of their work. On this stage I was almost certain that the pictures they have sent me was just plain photoshop, but I continued to be hopeful, but, alas, in vain. As many claimed, this company is Nigerian scammers. I do not know if they are from Nigeria, but I can honestly say that they are 100% scammers. Never trust this company. Stay away and save your money.


5 thoughts on “www.buypassportsfake.cc

  1. It’s been 5 days. Definitely past the 72 hours. My order went through. Payment was made. They confirmed everything and now I’ve heard nothing. I’ve emailed and I’ve gotten no reply. I really hope I haven’t gotten scammed. And I will definitely change my review if things work out.

  2. scam 100 percent paid my money received e mail of what passport would look like never saw the document in post do not answer emails i was scammed dont trust them donot pay them

  3. Shipment never received. I guess now the only way to buy genuine fake IDs is from idgod. Itseems they are best in the market


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