Idbook.ph fake id review.

The reason why we have decided to investigate ID BOOK  is that it is a website that offers fake IDs and also because it is quite famous on Reddit and we have been asked to make a research on it frequently. We will use several points for our judgment, whether it is good and comfortable in usage, we will check on services they offer, price, shipping, how to pay and we will order a fake ID in order to get through the whole way for you to see how it all works and what you can possibly receive for the money you pay. We need o check the quality, whether it is scannable, is there a hologram, but most important if all that is good and will be of a help for you.

So let’s check the website, www.idbook.ph. As soon as the page appears you see big letters ID BOOK typed in Word, all that with a “party” background. The thing is that the whole impression is that they didn’t spend much time and put little effort in making it look professional at all. If you click a link it will take you there but at first you will see again ID BOOK and “party” background over and over again. Looks like a reseller. No reviews or links to reviews. Some info on offering good quality for low price. You do not need to log in to place an order. They just give an email where you need to send your order with information and a picture.

We were not impressed by the services they offer. We have counted 49 states which is quite impressive at first glance. At least better than only two or three. But there is a small chance that this poorly looking and organized website can manage to produce great quality ID for all 49 states. Very small chance. They state that preferable ID is SC.  But if too many of them are sold, the situation might change. They also sell two for one person, (duplicate) saying it will be useful if you lose one. Ok, but they do not leave mean option to buy only one but for a better price. Doesn’t feel like a serious and professional business for us.

After looking into domain history we have concluded it is a young website without much of a reputation. We didn’t find anything suspicious. So only time will show if they are or will grow into a good reliable business. To tell what we can get from them now we will test them as we do with such websites.

As we have mentioned there are no reviews or link to reviews on the website. Which is strange and suspicious already. We have searched Reddit, most of reviews are fake, questions are silly so we wouldn’t at all  rely on them. The issue is that generally when the customer is all happy and satisfied he is running around the clubs and bars and doesn’t actually bother to leave his feedback on the website. At most he would share with curious friends. On the other hand if the client got a horrible ID, you can imagine how angry he would be and how many horrible reviews he would post on every possible source. We have not found many on ID BOOK, which is for the reason of it being a fresh website, or might be that they just censure most of the bad feedbacks.

The best way to check the work of the website and the quality of their IDs is to order them. So this we have done. We had to send an email to a provided address.  It took more than one day to receive the confirmation from them. The payment methods are Western Union and Bitcoins. That is all. Doesn’t look very convenient. So many payment systems exist nowadays. Anyway, we paid 125 USD for two, which is 62,5 USD for one. Less than 100 USD. The minimum average price for a decent ID is 100 USD. Attractive price doesn’t guarantee good quality at all. How come it’s so cheap. Will see when we receive one. Strangely they have different price for different state. Question is why? They promise to deliver in 7-12 days.

We have waited for more than 12 days for the envelope which was quite transparent and you could realize what is in it. They state they have express delivery, but is it….So we opened an envelope and took out our fake ID. It didn’t take us long to realize that it is of a poor quality. Yes, there is hologram, but not good at all. The UV ink is blurry. We had a real ID of the same state that we have ordered from them and comparing it was really disappointing as the difference was dramatic.  We cannot surely recommend this fake ID website, The quality is 60 % not more. May be you can use it in other states but even that would be quite dangerous thing to do.

ID BOOK is not a scammer, we have checked that, but also it is not a website you can rely on when thinking where to purchase. They might grow and develop in future but till that time better use a decent website with a good reputation.


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  1. Fake review I can obviously tell. Package does not come in an envelope. SC and Alabama are in state passable from experience

  2. do not order from them i ordered a Connecticut from them about a year ago and as soon as 1 year hit my id stopped scanning.


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