Kingforge.org review.

We have decided to review the King Forge website, specializing on printing of fake IDs, because it has become rather popular on Reddit and some other places, and we have received a request to review it. We are going to examine their website, see if it is good and convenient, then briefly describe their services, prices and payment methods, then try to order a fake ID from King Forge and inform you about the results. We want to know if they print them fast, if they use stealth, how long does their shipping take and, of course, how good is the quality of their fakes. Follow along, if you want to know!

We have started by visiting their website at http://kingforge.org. Not really much to see on the front page: just a few typical claims to provide 100% quality and stealth shipping, reliable support and low prices, plus a link to Reddit topic devoted to this website, with suspicious feedbacks. The website is rather simple; this is a WordPress system, so it seems to us that King Forge is just a reseller. Anyway, it looks good and it is rather simple to be convenient. You have to login, though, before you can place an order. They do not verify your e-mail, so make sure that you have typed it correctly.

We have taken a look at the services offered by King Forge, and we were disappointed. This website is among the ones with the smallest list of available fake IDs. Only three states (Florida, NC and Illinois) are available for purchase. You can also choose a U21 card for North Carolina, which is currently the preferable ID in most cases. However, if they sell too many NC IDs, the situation may change. The situation is ambiguous: they only offer 3 states, which means that they do not have a large serious business with wide experience; on the other hand, they do not try to sit on every chair, offering just what they do good (presumably).

We have checked the domain history, and found out that it was first registered in 2015 by www.netearthone.com  The current owner is Domain Admin(hidden name). Nothing suspicious; it is clear that King Forge is just a fresh new website with little to no reputation, and very small number of states covered. Time will tell if they are good; yet, we can only rely on our impressions about it, and on our fake ID order that we use to test such sites.

We have looked of unbiased reviews and feedbacks on King Forge and their work, but failed to find any reliable posts or entries. The topic on Reddit is half fake feedbacks, half incompetent questions, so nothing much to see there. The problem here is that most of the customers who have got great fake IDs do not write a review; they blissfully forget to send a feedback, sharing it with their friends at best. At the same time, if a customer has had any problems with the service, he would spam every forum with biased negative feedbacks. In case of King Forge we haven’t found many, just because the website has a few clients, or does not allow negative feedbacks (censures them).

Thus, the only reliable way to check the competency of King Forge and the quality of their fake IDs was to order one from them. We have paid 0.026 Bitcoin to get a U21 North Carolina fake ID, which is considered the best one in border states. By the way, the price is below the average: you rarely see anything under $100 bucks, while King Forge offers the ID for just $65. It may be suspicious to experienced users, but for those who order their fake ID for the first time, it seems very attractive. However, you have to pay extra for custom signature and express delivery; otherwise, they do not guarantee that your package arrives in time.

Anyway, we have waited for over 10 days to receive the card (should have paid for an express delivery!). We got a simple while envelope, with a typical silhouette of an ID card clearly seen at the lumen. Not very impressive stealth! Anyway, it passed the customs, so can’t complain. When we have opened the envelope, we have found our fake ID, cost us $85 (with a custom signature), and it was far not as good as we have expected. The holograms were very inaccurate, and the UV ink were looking strangely blurry. Perhaps, it could work a couple of times under favorable circumstances, but we wouldn’t recommend anyone to rely on that fake ID. It has apparent differences from the real one (we have compared!). We have rated its quality as 60%. Useless in the North Carolina, it may work in other states, with people who have never seen a NC ID.

So far, King Forge has disappointed us, but we believe that it is not a scammer, at least. If they will keep developing the printing and switch to a better hologram producer, they may become a good fake ID company. Until that time, stick with another company, a reliable one. Do not let the low price trick you into buying a low-quality ID, because it is practically useless!


7 thoughts on “www.kingforge.org

  1. Keep your money away from kingforge.org, these are scammers 100%! They have no idea what a real Ohio ID looks like. They just print some funny fakes, good for kids to play, not some real business. I’m not even going to try this toy in any liquor store or a club, because they’ll laugh at me! What a waste of money!

  2. DO NOT ORDER, YOU’LL LOSE YOUR MONEY. This guy is a total scam scumbag. He made me sent out bitcoins for payment and then disappeared. I lost $100, didn’t even complete the order. Total scam. Look at other websites. This is a total scam I’m telling you.


  4. SCAMMER!!! DO NOT BUY! He was extremely helpful prior to placing an order and as soon as he got my money I never heard from him again! I had to send my money via Bitcoin prior to me even being able to start the ordering process and once I sent my money I wasn’t even able to begin my order! STAY AWAY!!

  5. Scam alert!! Stay away from them. In my own experience the only place to buy genuine fake IDs is from id-hurry or TG. Apparently they know what they are doing and the best in the market


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