How Much Fake ID costs?

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about the Fake ID price. How much does it cost? 

So, how much?

Decades ago, in the 1980s-1990s, underage people decided to get more freedom than they had before. They started to forge documents by themselves with handing tools and means. However, bouncers could easily distinguish fakes from real ones. Therefore, some guys decided to produce fake IDs in a professional way using specialized equipment for making it high quality. 

A price range at that time was about $300 (with recalculation on today’s dollar rate) for a fake ID. Of course, it’s not everybody who could afford such an expensive purchase. Only Very Important Persons could obtain and use counterfeit IDs and enter the nightlife as well as obtain alcohol everywhere. 

Today, thanks to the high-technologies and mass production, almost everyone can buy a Fake ID, as the price range is about $70-$100. It is a fantastic price, isn’t it? 

Best cryptocurrency

Moreover, 20 years ago, customers could pay for the package only with cash. This was a dangerous way as the goods were given out in person, which could end up in the police. Now there are a lot of stores in the Darknet where you can pay only with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Litecoin and Monero).

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