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Today we are going to review the fresh fake ID website ID God dot Ph. We have heard about it just recently, and were curious if it is a worthy new company or just a one-day scammer. As always, our review implies examination of their website, analysis of their services and offers, payment methods, and the final experiment: ordering an ID from the company. The following text exposes the pros and cons of ordering from ID God.

When we have first heard of ID God, we were admired the effrontery of these guys, referring to themselves as gods of the fake ID production 😀 However, later we have understood that it is nothing but a funny joke, or, perhaps, an ambitious promise to their customers, not fulfilled yet. Currently, the ID God company is very immature; they have just started improving their services and do not offer a wide choice of fake ID states. Nevertheless, we can see the potential in these guys, though it may take a few years before they get into full strength and experience, enough to provide you with high-quality fake ID.

Visiting the ID God website is quite entertaining for the first time: they stand against the majority of the fake ID producers by providing attractive photos and images on their pages. They promise to take you to the places, where only adults can go, to have fun you have never had before, anytime you want. Their website’s design is simple and beautiful, except for some inaccurate fonts and elements. They have such sections as FAQ, About Us (very brief), Prices, How to Pay (WU guide, Bitcoin guide is not ready yet), and Order page. We have checked the domain: it was registered by “dotPH PrivateRegistration” hosted in Kiev (Ukraine) for “HiddenName” in 2014. As you can see, they have just started working.

The list of services provided by ID God is quite small. They only make fake ID for 34 states by now. For example, they haven’t learned to make California ID yet. It is interesting to admit, that they develop their services: they offer new versions of Ohio and Wisconsin IDs that have become more authentic. On the other hand, how can we know if their current fake IDs are good? Customers do not want to receive some kind of Beta fake IDs, letting the company experiment on them.

One thing that has surprised us on ID God is the price of some of their products. Demanding $200 for Colorado, New York and Ohio IDs is outstanding for the market. They also ask for $150 for many other IDs, so it can be at least two times more expensive than average to buy from ID God.

Now, as we have seen the prices, let’s check the payment options. ID God accepts, Western Union, which is already suspicious. We know that the service is very popular among scammers, and ID God is outside the United States, which additionally reduces its reliability. We do not think that ID God is a scam, but they definitely could care more about their reputation and security of their customers. The other option is Bitcoin, which is fine. We have noticed a mention of Litecoin, a less popular cryptocurrency, introduced in 2011, worth $30 per coin.

The final step of our review was to order a fake ID from ID God and see, if it’s anything good. We have paid 0.035 Bitcoin and ordered their New Jersey fake ID. The first thing we have had to deal with was the delivery time. Shipping took more than 14 days, which is longer than any expectations. We have checked their shipping terms (under the FAQ section) and found out that they reserve up to 10 business days (“it could take longer”), not including the weekends! Pretty much explained the damn slow shipping, but still very inconvenient.

What we received, was a below-the-average quality card, printed on something close to Teslin, more or less similar layout with the real one, and strange homemade holograms. The UV ink was applied incorrectly, and our photo was left without any Photoshop processing (it definitely needed some). We wouldn’t use such an ID for anything more serious than showing off for the younger friends.

As a result, we rate the services of ID God as low as 5/10, because it takes them weeks to ship the fake ID to you, and the quality is below expectations. You can use their fake ID at your own risk, but we do not recommend showing it to any officials, or security guys. The last, but not least: it is surely overpriced.


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  1. I’m not satisfied with the services of idgod. The problem is, they keep asking you to resend the photo, they do not want to accept good-quality photos for no reason. I have made a 4MP picture, with fine lighting and colors, against the blue background, with neat hair, just like in their guide, but they keep rejecting it. Perhaps, they’re just playing for time or something… I should have ordered from other website…

    1. I made a group order and it didn’t come for 2-3 months so we requested a refund, which they claimed we would receive in 5-10 business days. We requested 5 months ago. Never received the ids or refund.

    2. Absolutely do not go through this guy that makes them. his number is +1 (318) 595-0242. he is a scammer he said he makes them fast amd sends them fast but he never did and does not answer our txt messages anymore. DO NOT GO TO HIM

      1. okay well he asked me for $120 and i sent them already to Cameroon, and now the carrier is asking me for $160 for an insurance fee that will be “refunded” when it gets delivered. what should I do??

        1. Okay guys. After buying into the bait, I have just been scammed by the same exact guy! +1 (318) 595-0242 Is the number. I have told him about the legal team I’m getting together . He took all of the money and isn’t replying like everyone has been saying. If you have an experience with him please email me at [email protected] .

          1. The same thing happened to me! I lost over $400 and he said that they won’t refund me even though I sent the exact amount they asked for, with photo evidence of both. Every website says they aren’t a scam, I just have no idea what website everyone else is ordering from.

        2. I was scammed and my order still hasn’t came in after 5 months. Does anyone know which website to use that won’t scam you and that are good ?

          1. i ordered some with fast shipping a few weeks ago and they still haven’t came. Did i get scammed?

    3. Idplug got me I’m out of town on construction needed a replacement I’d so I don’t miss work and travel 3;states away I knew my d l didn’t have to scan are nothing cashed in my money no goods rip off

  2. I have ordered a fake ID from idgod.ph, but got scammed. They’ve taken my money, and kept me waiting for three months, not saying anything reasonable about the cause of the delay. Eventually, I’ve given up on my hundred bucks, and ordered from another site. Do not give your money to idgod.ph !

    1. Your package could have been taken by US Customs, they’ve taken plenty of IDGod packages before.

  3. I received my IDGod ID approximately 3 weeks after placing my order. The quality is terrible, and it’s overpriced. I was told it was the best by an upperclassman so I ordered through them. They sent the IDs in a package with chopsticks to get past customs. Do not recommend.

  4. I ordered 8 ID’s, paid on Western Union and saw that it was picked up, has been 20 days and no IDs and no response back to my multple emails! A simple response back that they are delayed or something would be appreciated. At this point thinking I got fucked and have to now spend several hundred dollars again on IDs somewhere trustworthy.

  5. Flimsy as fuck, the second the bouncer saw my ID folded it right in half almost as if it was paper… good thing I paid a shit ton of money right 🙂

  6. Scam. These assholes will take your money through Western Union and won’t send you shit. A bunch of cunts. Do yourself a favor and don’t use this website. Even if they do end up sending you an id, it will take about 3 months and it’ll be the shittiest thing you have ever seen. Id god blows

  7. they never gave us the identifications we paid for, all of our emails were responded to but they never supplied what we paid for. All of the responses were general responses and today we have not received the IDs it has been over two months, I would definitely not recommend these unprofessional individuals. I’m only leaving a comment here because I was trying to do some research and finding out who actually owns that company, and I appreciate this website for providing information to help individuals root out the undesirable companies.. Thank you FIDreviews for your services

  8. I got my ID and it was nearly perfect except a typo, got a reprint, and there’s another typo. It’s been 4 months of fighting to get a not fucked up ID and I still don’t have one. Save your GD money.

  9. Just bought mine about 3 months ago just now recieving mine today and obviously looks fake. What a waste of time and money. -Tennessee ID

  10. This ID is terrible. They literally put a green background on my picture. Who puts a damn green background. Every place has a BLUE background this looks fake as fuck.

  11. This place is trash!! stole our money and told us they would give us 20% off if we replaced the order through a different payment. Fucking SCAMMERS!!!

  12. My friends ordered ids from here. They got here and one tried to use her Pennsylvania Id in a small town in New York. The bouncer took it bent it to see the thickness of it and said it was fake and took it away. They ids do not compare to the flexibility of a real Id and this is the easiest way to tell if an Id is fake right on the spot. Also the first two counties in the hologram say Armstrong and beaver and that not what a real PA license says so if you but this id you are getting scammed.

  13. My IDS came pretty quick which was nice.Once i got them they were complete trash. You can just look at it and tell that it’s fake, lamination is awful you can see the white parts of where the lamination stops. Plus the barcode on the back is upside down. Honestly just save your money and buy from somewhere else.

    1. Fuck that. I was going to buy from them but after reading so many recent bad reviews I will save my money and fuck these scammers.

  14. I have a Kentucky Fake ID from ID God and the reflections on the real KY ID do not match the fake. Also the edges are cut way to close. There is no question asked about it when you see it you can tell it’s fake.

  15. Fake don’t buy, first bar i walked in guy said i can’t take this i asked why he said right away that my id was fake. I was expecting more. I know people that have ordered from here and got away not me or my friends. There was typos on the zip code and there were hologram marks all over my face picture. Just honestly looked fake. Too bad i paid 300$ for 4 such a waste. I don’t recommend at all.

  16. been waiting four months for our id’s, charged us extra after we had already paid, still got nothing back from it.

    It’s a scam – sent my money via Western union – got email to say the code was wrong and the money not collected but Western Union said the money been collected


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