Yoloids.com fake id review.

Yolo IDs is one popular fake ID website, and that is for a reason. The resource is very attractive in both design and terms of service. We have put effort into reviewing this source of fake IDs, to inform you unbiasedly about its advantages and disadvantages. We have taken our traditional approach: examined their website (including some insider info), checked their services and payment methods, looked for reviews online, asked around about Yoloids, and finally ordered a fake ID from those guys to see with our own eyes, if it matches the real one well. Welcome the unbiased, thorough Yoloids review!

First things first, the design. In this case, Yoloids hasn’t surprised, neither it has disappointed us. Typical WordPress design, more or less convenient and rather simple. The colors are light and good, the pictures are colorful and attractive (especially those with tits and butts). Some fonts may seem too small, but it’s readable in general. There are such sections as Products, Cart, FAQ, Fans (check this one out), About Us, Contact Us and Login. On the landing page, you can find a few promos, payment information, some product pics and fan pics, just for the atmosphere.

The list of products Yoloids offers is not that wide. There is a special feature of this producer: he offers just 4 driver ID cards, and 4 more student ID cards. According to our information, student cards work in some cases, when you want to attend a concert or you are a smoker, but in certain states, you cannot buy alcohol with a student card. In this case, you will have to limit your choice to the 4 state fake IDs they offer. These states are Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland and Kentucky. A peculiar choice, indeed.  We do not recommend Illinois ID to anyone, because they have earned bad reputation among cops and other officials. The other IDs offered on Yoloids are good for those who live near those states. One other interesting offer is the McLovin ID from Superbad. Too bad, it costs extra $10. I would rather just watch the movie.

Then we have checked the domain name and its history. The YoloIds.com was registered in 2014 by “HiddenName”, according to the PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY.COM

 entries. The history is pretty clean, nothing much to stay about it. Not very long history, but definitely not a scammer.

The payment methods accepted by Yoloids are Bitcoin, Western Union and iTunes gift cards. As we love to say, only Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies ensure your security and anonymity. Western Union is associated with scammers from China, and iTunes gift cards method is… unconventional. Does not look very secure; perhaps, Yoloids just want to have a larger audience, thus risking the security and confidentiality of their users.

We have initiated a small investigation of the reviews and feedbacks available online and mentioning YoloIds. While most of them are apparently fake, paid or just irrelevant, the others look real. Fair portion of them is positive, but the negative ones leave a more significant impression. People complain about YoloIds taking too long to print and deliver their orders, also they cannot find the desired states on the list, and some of them even get broken cards that do not scan, or with improperly placed holograms. The trust rating is about 65%, which is high, but far from the desired.

Finally, we have ordered a Connecticut fake ID from YoloIds, to make sure that they produce reliable cards. Despite their promise to deliver the card within 3-4 days, we have had to wait 6 days for the package to arrive, without an ability to track it. The package has used very few stealth options: of course, they haven’t printed their company name or order details on the envelope, but the form of an ID card was more or less distinguishable in the thin envelope. Could’ve got us in trouble. The card printed on a fair PVC, just like the real one. However, they have mistaken the UV ink images: one lighthouse instead of two, and placed incorrectly. Repeating “CT DMV” in the overlay printed in a different font, and some of the fonts were thinner than original ones. I guess, this ID can work in most cases, but any serious check will reveal its origin.

According to the above, we would not recommend YoloIds for any serious business, such as visiting nightclubs, showing it to cops etc. It’s alright for buying booze in small local stores in states near Connecticut, but not in Connecticut. Our rating for Yoloids is 55/100: not bad, but far from the best companies on the U.S. market.


4 thoughts on “yoloids.com

  1. I’ll be demanding a refund from yoloids.com, because their fake ID is absolutely useless. I have paid over 50 bucks for Tennessee ID, waited for a month to get it shipped, and finally received something that is far from the real ID! Do you really expect anyone taking this piece of plastic shit for real ID? No wai.

  2. This is a scam! I ordered my Illinois ID a month ago and still haven’t received it or any word of it being processed. They said that it would come fast. Clearly not. I even ordered express shipping. Nothing. They stole my money and not responding to any of the tickets I opened. Do not buy from them. SCAM.

  3. They stopped responding after 2 weeks. Id was supposed to come in a week as I paid nearly double the price for rush production and rush shipping. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  4. They honestly do a good job and send IDs out to some people. A whole group of my friends in college out in Tennessee got theirs within 2-3 days. However they do this just to get the word out that they’re “trustworthy”. My friends referred me to them, as well as my other friends, and we never received the IDs. At first they answered our questions right away and then after a couple of weeks of asking for updates, no one ever bothered to answer back. It’s been 2 months and they still haven’t come in.

    Some people get lucky and get them…some people get screwed over.


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