Many of potential fake ID buyers have been interested in what idsbuddy are, can they be trusted and what kind of quality do they offer. It is notable that they are not on “reddit’s list” of approved ID providers and there is not much information about them on the Web, and most of their clients claim that they do ship IDs but the quality is really questionable. All information I could find is quite ambiguous and is not to be trusted. Some comments on the internet claim that they are what is left from idchief.ph, since the latter has some big issue and problems with legislation and had to be shut down. I doubt that there are other chances to check their credibility apart from just simply ordering the actual driver license.

As seen from their website, Idsbuddy.com offer more driver licenses from more than 40 US states. This is their specialty. They offer nothing else apart from those ID. You do not need to ask them if they have anything else in their product line, because they have already stated on their website, that you can order only those positions, which are presented on their website. Still, this is pretty impressive list of documents that they can fabricate and they claim that you can’t find the difference if you compare it with the original documents. At least photos on the website show that they look quite “delicious”.

Let us move to the website and describe what it looks like. The team behind Idsbuddy.com has managed to bring a really decent website with some top-notch graphic elements. It looks quite well done. This is the place where you want to make an order as soon as you see the design. The home page contains the basic information about the company. They claim that all IDs have holograms and are scannable. You can watch a very interesting video, though not very original, where a man’s gloved hands go through the bunch of driver licenses, bend them over, show the holos and etc. The video looks quite convincing. Moreover, it looks so well-done, that you immediately want to call all your friends and make group purchase, because they have a really good discount policy on bulk orders with the lowest price of $50. Check it out for yourself.

As I have already mentioned, they offer you good-looking fake driver licenses of more than 40 US states. All you need to do is fill in the basic questionnaire and attach your photo and signature sample. They have a very convenient FAQ section where you can find information on how to buy Bitcoin and how to make photos of acceptable quality, that they will use to create your personal fake ID. The design and navigation looks pretty and intuitive. The website itself was registered in 1 API GmbH by “HiddenName”, and feels genuine apart from the biggest flaw, which jumps straight at you when you begin reading the content of this website. Plainly speaking, everything, which is somehow connected with the textual content, looks terrible. The grammar and the punctuation are awful. Everything looks like it has been written by non-native with a really weak command of English language. If you want your website look reputable, the first rule is use high-quality content. It is especially referred to text. What is the matter, guys? You didn’t have enough money for good copywriting, after you paid for the design of your website? It really turned me off, but I needed to walk this road to the end and made a sample order. I paid $100 for Connecticut driver license and it took them really long time to process my order. About a week. Then another week passed until I got the confirmation of my payment. Honestly, I was really worried about not getting the ID, but they finally sent it to me in the course of the next three weeks. Well, I have been warned. I have done the homework and read many reviews. I knew what to expect. Some people claimed that their IDs of mere passable quality and at least scannable. The fact is that I am afraid to go out with this driver license. My photo is super dark. The signature is barely visible. I suspect that if I bent it a little, I can break it. The card already shows some crack. Think first, guys, before dealing with Idsbuddy.com.


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  1. The shipment never arrived. In my own experience the only place to buy genuine fake IDs is from idgod. Apparently they know what they are doing and the best in the market

  2. In my own experience the only place to buy genuine fake IDs is from idgod.to on TG. Apparently they know what they are doing and the best in the market


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